Working hard chipping, orientating, the last shipment received!

After the last shipment received, we are working hard chipping and orientating the pigeons. We hope a first entrance list around 20th November.  

📢The Last Shipment from Europe JUST ARRIVED 31th October

📢The Last Shipment from Europe 31th October 2018 Derby ARONA close with 🏁 +4000 Pigeons +600 fanciers +30 Countries 😊

TOP Derby ARONA Team at Kassel 😊

TOP Derby ARONA Team at Kassel 😊 ...

+3000 pigeons already in Derby ARONA! (Last Shipments 27th October and Kassel)

+3000 pigeons in the loft BREAKING RECORD! Remember the last shipment on 27th October! 📢 Entered Teams in Derby ARONA at the moment:😅 -------------------------------------------------------------------- ASTURIAS Team Asturias AUSTRIA Alois Wiefler AUSTRIA Benjamin Neag AUSTRIA Ferenc Butyka AUSTRIA Helmut Heiland AUSTRIA Kurt Nöres AUSTRIA Reinhar Gasser AUSTRIA Team Fuchs AUSTRIA Team Garcia &...