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Derby ARONA pulverised records!

Derby ARONA pulverised records! - PIPA auction finished with +1400 Euro/Pigeon average with +80 pigeons in auction! We suppose this is part of a combination of great jobs of years. We are very happy with auction success and thanks to...

Derby ARONA 2017 Annual Magazine (SPECIAL EDITION)

Derby ARONA 2017 Annual Magazine (SPECIAL EDITION) Click: Download PDF  

PIPA Auction start!

The rest of the birds will be auctioned at just after PIPA. PIPA AUCTION CLICK HERE: "AUCTION"

Colectarea porumbeilor în Romania

Click here for:  Official Shippers for Derby ARONA 2018 Colectarea porumbeilor în Romania: 19-25 Iunie ! 21-26August ! 25-30 Septembrie ! Si ultima colectare 19-25 Octombrie ! -cu ocazia expozitiei din Kassel ! Vā rugam anuntati din timp pentru a putea organiza...