Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Derby Arona, by Silvio Mattachione

Jose is successful in many different fields of human endeavor. Beautiful music, beautiful design and beautiful racing pigeons what more could you wish to achieve? Well it would seem that Ledesma is always looking for a challenge. Most men would...

Activation periode FINISHING SOON!

Activation periode FINISHING SOON! Take care, in this periode, all moneys must to be send by bank account transfer directly to Derby ARONA bank account in "EURO" (with all transfer cost included). Afterwards (22nd Dec) third part can take over...

Ledesma “Teide GPS Project”

Dear participants, Many years ago I experiemeted with modern day technology with own pigeons by using a gps system on my pigeons developed by myself, releasing them in weather conditions similar to todays Car Race 2 from Gran Canaria. The...

We are supporting Save the Children & Doctors without Borders ONG

This year we have decided to add more meaning to Christmas by starting a monthly donation to Save the Children and Doctors without Borders. Thereby we are supporting the work for children’s rights around the world and Providing Care Around...

Race 8 & 9 Reports

The unique One Loft Race over Land and Sea  Race 8 & 9 Reports The Derby ARONA Tenerife one loft race programme is moving on rapidly now since the new year break as the convoy makes its way northwards through the...

A big UK shippment just entering the new home at Derby ARONA

A big UK shippment just entering the new home at Derby ARONA.