Tuesday, December 11, 2018


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📢 Loft Report & News 😉

With the intake period now behind us, we are happy to report that the pigeons are doing very well. They are on a strict daily routine to ensure that they will be in top shape when qualification series starts. Now,...

Working hard chipping, orientating, the last shipment received!

After the last shipment received, we are working hard chipping and orientating the pigeons. We hope a first entrance list around 20th November.  

📢The Last Shipment from Europe JUST ARRIVED 31th October

📢The Last Shipment from Europe 31th October 2018 Derby ARONA close with 🏁 +4000 Pigeons +600 fanciers +30 Countries 😊 www.DERBYARONA.com www.DERBYATLANTIC.com https://youtu.be/xfpVdswEJwU

TOP Derby ARONA Team at Kassel 😊

TOP Derby ARONA Team at Kassel 😊 ...