Saturday, December 16, 2017
Canary Islands

Canary Islands

The best climate in the world - Beyond the mega resorts you can still find tiny fishing villages, whitewashed hamlets perched on hilltops and even a few wild places within earshot of the dull roar of a volcano or with mist dripping through primeval forests.

Pigeons in releasing point Training-10 2016 Race

Pigeons in releasing point about 800 m. Altitude and 55 Km away the loft! GOOD LUCK!  

Sunny days Final Race Week forecast

Final race weather forecast is good! - Little head wind and sunny days to enjoy!  


Our purpose:SEE YOUR PIGEON IN THE FINAL RACE! Our goal is your enjoyment!. Like no other!, the Rolls Royce of the One Loft Races. RACE PLAN THE ROLLS ROYCE OF THE ONE LOFT RACES FINAL RACE WEEK 22 Mar Public Basketing Process If weather...

The carnival of carnivals

Carnival in the Canary Islands is an explosion of fun, music and colour, All over the archipelago parades, dance troupes and outdoor parties fill the air with the joyous atmosphere of a carnival with a long history. What really makes...

José Ledesma playing his composing “Canción para Saray”

Top Beaches in the Canary Islands

If your view of the Canary Islands is one of tourists fighting for space to put their towels on sun loungers by a pool or directly on a beach, then you haven’t been to Fuerteventura. An island where there...