Monday, January 21, 2019
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📢 Sales LIST | 3rd Party activation provisional list OPEN 😀

If you are not participating in the race and would like to activate any non activated pigeons, you can place a reserve on any of the non activated pigeons. The first to pay is the first to select pigeons!...

📢 Initial Loft List 2018/19 Available! 😍

😅 If you can dream it, you can do it! Dear participants, after a super hard work orientating, adapting pigeons to the traps, chipping and controlling the birds, the first loft list is ready. After collecting +4000 pigeons we are proud...

Never stop fighting for your dreams

Never stop fighting for your dreams, that will make it possible not only to reach the top, but also to keep alive the flame lit in your heart. J.Ledesma (May 19, 2018) 

34 Countries participating Derby ARONA 2018

Samuel Mbiza & Mark Kitchenbrand sending pigeons to Derby ARONA 2018

The new owners of Golden Prince, Samuel Mbiza & Mark Kitchenbrand are sending pigeons to  Derby ARONA 2018.  Welcome!  


Car Race-1 + Sea race-4 report by Tom Harris

Its sea race four and following on from the success of the previous three liberations from different stages between the islands of Tenerife and...

Training 6

Final Race 2015 Basketing