Sunday, February 18, 2018

34 Countries participating Derby ARONA 2018

Samuel Mbiza & Mark Kitchenbrand sending pigeons to Derby ARONA 2018

The new owners of Golden Prince, Samuel Mbiza & Mark Kitchenbrand are sending pigeons to  Derby ARONA 2018.  Welcome!  

Ledesma “Teide GPS Project”

Dear participants, Many years ago I experiemeted with modern day technology with own pigeons by using a gps system on my pigeons developed by myself, releasing them in weather conditions similar to todays Car Race 2 from Gran Canaria. The...

José Ledesma playing his composing “Canción para Saray”

PIPA celebrates 15th anniversary!

16 December 2000. That was the day when Nikolaas Gyselbrecht purchased the domain name. Just over 15 years later his company PIPA is the world's number one in pigeon auctions, with 20 employees. He looks back on 15...


Car Race-1 + Sea race-4 report by Tom Harris

Its sea race four and following on from the success of the previous three liberations from different stages between the islands of Tenerife and...

Races 9,10,11 Race Report