FINAL Race report by Tom Harris

   1st derby arona Tenerife final race beniamin neag Austria 50,000 euro  2nd derby arona Tenerife final race team well wag uk u/Ireland 25,000 euro  3rd derby arona Tenerife one loft race mark gilbert uk/Ireland 20,000 euro Its early march and for us...

Auction informations!

We will put PIPA auction dates and TODOPALOMAS auction dates very soon!

2017 Race collecting dates Netherlands

 NETHERLANDS VERZEND DATA 2016/2017 Race  22.May.2016  -  10.Juli. 2016  -  14.Augustus.2016  18.September.2016 - 22.Oktober.2016(kassel)  Transportkosten per duif € 23,- Inschrijfkosten van 1 team van 5 duiven € 220,- (1 + 4 reserves welke voor Hotspots geactiveerd kunnen worden)

2017 Final race date set!

From 19 to 25 March! (Final race preferible on friday 24th March 2017, basketing on 22nd March, Gala dinner on 25th) Book your holidays now!