Sea race-2+3 report by Tom Harris

Its early February and with the sea races now well a truly underway and all sights on the forthcoming first of three hotspot races where the winning pigeons owner will walk away with one of the new cars, the...

Sea Race-3 TOP TEN

Sea Race-3 DATE: 6th Feb 2016 TOP TEN Click here: COMPLETE RESULTS

Sea Race-3 (30+65 Km) – on 6th February

Sea Race-3 Liberation Point Ledesma International is very pleased to announce the Sea Race-3 Derby ARONA 2016 approx 65 Km over Island and 30 Km over the sea. You can follow the arrivals LIVESTREAM & Chatting below in this page! NOMINATIONS...

Movie 2016 Sea Race-2

Race 11+Sea race-1 report by Tom Harris

Santa Cruz and 1st sea race report 2016 Tuesday 26 th January and the Arona one loft race has reached its final inland race point from the north eastern coast of Tenerife, from the port of Santa Cruz an approx....

Defaulted pigeons clarify

The "Defaulted Pigeons" are "NOT ACTIVATED" pigeons. We will get out this pigeons off the loft just before First Hot Spot race. We only show the info in order to make a 100% transparency in live arrivals on livestreams....

Sea Race-2 TOP TEN

Sea Race-2 DATE: 2nd Feb 2016 TOP TEN Click here: COMPLETE RESULTS