Derby ARONA Late Returned 2021 Pigeons Auction OPEN! (PART-1)

In a 100% Transparency act, like ever, we offer the Derby Arona Late-Returned pigeons 2019 in auction: click PART-1: (Derby ARONA auctions)


NEDERLAND 2021/22 aanleverdatums 24 juli, 21 augustus, 11 september, 16 oktober Sjaak Buwalda:  Tel: 06-27106716          Inleg 220,- euro voor een team van 5 duiven waarvan...

😎 2021 FINAL RACE Report

California Mountain Friends Syndicate - Netherlands Crowned ARONA champions 2020/21 It's mid march and after weeks and months of challenging training and racing were finally in a position to stage this year's Derby ARONA final race...

Oh well, that`s this year’s DERBY ARONA final race closed 😉

Oh well, that`s this year's DERBY ARONA final race closed Obviously there's disappointment for many, ourselves included in not having all 251 finalists from all participant home as they were coming so well in...

King of SPRINT Competition Winner 👏🏆

Team Monick Nys & Kris Govers

Knock-Out Competition Winner 👏🏆

Team Henriksen