Derby ARONA 2022 Annual Magazine

Derby ARONA 2022 Annual Magazine (SPECIAL EDITION) Click: Download MAGAZINE PDF

Derby ARONA 2022/23 🇬🇧 UK/Ireland

Derby ARONA 2022/23 UK/Ireland: Shipping Dates Ahead: 1st Shipment July 20th contact Chris Sutton 07792356330 or Tom Harris 07443040056

🇩🇪GERMANY Versandtermine

GERMANY Versandtermine zum Derby Arona TENERIFE 2022/2313/14 august 3/4 September 8/9 OctoberNEW GERMAN AGENT/SHIPPER: Gebr. ReinhardWhatsapp/Tel: +49 1708224463

🇷🇴 ROMINIA: Colectarea porumbeiilor din Rominia

ROMINIA: Colectarea porumbeiilor din Rominia se va face în perioada 16/17 July 13/14 august3/4 September 8/9 OctoberPtr cei ce doresc sā participe la ARONA TENERIFFA DERBY 2022/23!watsapp, telefon: DRAGOS CHIRITESCU Tel...

🗓NEDERLAND 2022/23 aanleverdatums

20/21 augustus 15/16 oktoberSjaak Buwalda: Tel: 06-27106716

BELGIUM/FRANCE aanleverdatums

BELGIUM/FRANCE aanleverdatums23/24 July 20/21 augustus10/11 september 15/16 oktoberEmail: Tel: +32 475639828Email: Tel: +32498143220

Report: FINAL RACE-2022

Team Frapejo’s Belgium Crowned Derby Arona Champion 2022 It’s mid March and following weeks and months of intense training...

Derby Arona Final 2022

Dear participants, once again the Derby Arona Final proved to be a testing affair. But this Is the Derby Arona one, of the most testing races in the world.


Team Highfield Lofts, England 1st International Derby Arona Semifinal Race 2022 With three previous adventures across the Atlantic already...