📣 The Derby Arona management team like everyone else around the world are monitoring the impact of the coronavirus and the way it is spreading.

But to ease your mind, the Arona Team are 👨‍💼 monitoring every situation and updates, concerning the spread and at present happy to say the island of Tenerife is operating as normal as a tourist resort and everything concerning the final race week is going ahead as planned!

This is based on the additional findings and intelligence gathered that the virus spread, is deemed much slower due to the UV from the warm canarian sun and hot temperatures, it’s believed the UV rays break down nucleic acid therefore deemed to naturally sterilize surfaces, etc. 😉

Solely As a precaution, the team will be implementing a sanitising station ✋for visitor to sanitise their hands on arrival as recommended by most government officials prior to entry into the viewing area.

The Arona Team look forward to welcoming you all to the island of Tenerife and the Derby Arona final 2020 😘

Derby ARONA Team 💪