📣📣📣📣 Derby ARONA Semifinal & Final Race Delayed 😔

Dear fellow fancier, participants and friends,

Considering the recent government announcement, the island of Tenerife (And Whole Spain Territory) come under Spanish government guidelines as follows:

With such Spain has announced emergency measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 that restrict public movement to essential journeys only. The measure affects the Canary Islands and come into effect on Sunday 15 th March 8am. The full text is below and as a basic summary:

1.You can only be on the streets if you are buying food or going to pharmacy for medication.
2.Visiting a bank.
3.going to work or returning from work where working from home impossible and on minimum staff.
4.Home helps and carers helping dependent people.
5. Any creditable or essential reason.

These restrictions also include ourselves as residence and nationals on the island and therefore, with travel and movement restrictions in place, we find ourselves in a position where we will be postponing the final few races until such time that we have the all clear to recommence.

This sadly may result in a delay of a few weeks before we can finally conclude the 2020 series.

At present we are unaware how long restrictions will be enforced, therefore we are planning on the following:

By exercising the pigeons daily at the lofts, and will of course keep you all updated with regular (videos) showing the birds, etc. for your satisfaction and continued interests.

Moving on from there once Abel Ledesma to do so we will recommencethe programme with a few short island training flights prior to going back to Gran Canaria for the Semifinal.


As a result of so many fellow fanciers now having to cancel their travel plans to Tenerife for the finalrace. And with no set date available we will resume as soon as possible.

We are very disappointed like yourselves to have to conclude this year’sracing in such away but feel at present it’s the only plans and information we can provide for your information at this stage.

Looking forward to 2021 for those who have considered transferring this year booking with their travel agents next year’s final race is set to take place on sat 27th March 2021.

We as an organisation and as a family appreciate your support throughout the past months and through these troubled times and look forward to welcoming you once again to the island and Derby ARONA lofts in the near future.

😘 José Ledesma (Derby ARONA)