📢 CAR RACE-2 Report 😊

A steady flow of arrivals coming from Car Race 2

“Team Mazurij Belgium“

Derby Arona Tenerife Car Race 2 winners

With the latest “calima” episodes now past,the Arona team are now back on track with the training and racing schedule as once again they head for the island of Gran Canaria for Car Race 2 an estimated distance of 125 klm which includes the daunting 100 klm of open Atlantic waters ahead of them once again.
With the 848 pigeons which remain within the competition basketed and on route to the north of Tenerife for the midday sailing, theArona team reported that all was well after an uneventful crossingthe pigeons were safely on site under the control of Abel Ledesma.

Race day sun rise on the island of Gran Canaria

Race day and as the sun came up on Gran Canaria,with broken clouds and outstretched visibility in the direction of Tenerife,Abel on site and the management team at the lofts were happy to release the convoy at 08.15 in a light north easterly breeze with temperatures already at 21 degrees at 08.00 an early morning liberation was required as the heat would increase rapidly during the day.
Following the liberation Abel reported back that following liberation the skies were clear on this occasion within minutes of release and the pigeons were seen to be on their way home, which was reassuring for everyone, meanwhile at the loft and on livestream and other social media sites the numbers viewing and watching today’s race exceeded 200 as we awaited the first arrivals.
Following a good liberation and a slightly helping breeze we expected the pigeons to make good time today and we weren’t disappointed as shortly after 09.30 the first sightings of pigeons were to be seen on approach to the loft and following the usual moment of hesitation two of the leading birds made their way in to record their arrival.



Car Race 2 winners SynMazurij with pigeon “Coqueta” Belgium
Car Race 2 winners SynMazurij with pigeon “Coqueta” Belgium

Taking top honours and 1st International Derby AronaCar Race 2 with just decimals between the first and second goes to team Belgium and SynMazurij with pigeon “Coqueta” with a time of,the winning pigeon is a blue cock which in the early stages had maintained a middle table average however in the latest events,it has made a few appearances in the top hundred prior to today’s race with respectable positions such as 77th and 95th. In 2nd place as stated by the narrowest of margins with a time of 09.30 46.70 we go to team England with Team Wild Bill and pigeon named “My Mistake”, continuing its current form following its recent 1st International position from Endurance Race 1 on this occasion taking the runner up position and prize of 1,000 euro, team Poland take the 3rd major prize of 750 euro with pigeon named “Home Alone” for Team Smge Rumik Krzyzstof on, with the first arrivals on the clock we then seen a large batch of arrivals coming in and dually recording the following positions with going to 4th the winning nation Belgium with Team HokL & N pigeon “Kimberly” coming in on,therefore receiving the first 220 euro prize which is allocated for positions from 4th to 10th,team England also record their second arrival in 5th with Keith Warnes entry “Ajar” coming in on, it’s a third arrival for team Belgium that takes the 6thInternational position as pigeon “Caseys Song” for Team Norbert De Schrijver comes in on resulting in Team DanciDumitru entry “Miti” taking 7th on, Team Milly’sLoft representing England comes in for 8th with pigeon “DundeesHome” timing in on,as team Slovakia timed in two of their entries to take the final two Top Ten positions with pigeon “Super 63” for Team SadlakVendelin& Andrej in 9th on, narrowly ahead a of Team PJPigeon (Slovakia) with pigeon “PJViktan” on

Team Wild Bill 2ndInternational Car Race 2 pigeon “My Mistake”England
Team Wild Bill 2ndInternational Car Race 2 pigeon “My Mistake”England

With the Top Ten positions and prizes claimed the next batch of arrivals were also to be rewarded for their effort as the prizes are allocated to the top twenty positions which resulted in the following entrants also crediting a prize of 100 euro these were recorded as follows,11thTeam Pitea L. &Marius C. Romania pigeon “Maryo 55”,12th team USA Daniel Hash with pigeon “Kiara”,13th Team Westersengland pigeon “Westers 08”,,14th a second arrival for Team Milly’sLoft England with pigeon “Dundee Micky”,15thTeam Masters Poland pigeon swift four,16thTeam Yahve,Dani, Alessandro,Pablo&Aday from the release island of Gran Canaria pigeon golden earring on,17th& 18th team Belgium with Team Buyl& Howells pigeon “Lucky 07” on and Team Norbert de Schrijver second arrival “Inspired Kiss” in 18th on,19thTeam TinksTreasures pigeon “Sweet Honey” England leaving the final cash prize winner Team MariadanLoft USA in 20th as pigeon “Blue Arona” records

Team SmgeRumikKrzyzstof 3rdInternational Car Race 2 pigeon “Home Alone” Poland

With such uncertainty around these Gran Canaria liberations it seemed that following the past two races from there the majority of pigeons have overcome the fear of the open waters and are now more willing to come across without hesitation,these is shown by the way the pigeons came in consisting of large groups at regular intervals with 793 of the pigeons perched at nightfall and a further thirteen coming through in the days that followed there was a pleasing sight as the returns percentage showed 95.04

A steady flow of arrivals coming from Car Race 2

Visitors at the loft to witness the arrivals from Car Race 2


Team Switzerland and pigeon “Izo 36” 1stInternational honours for IzetLicinda (additional training)
Team Switzerland and pigeon “Izo 36” 1stInternational honours for IzetLicinda (additional training)

Additional training

With such a good returns rate and all the excitement around Car Race 2 the Arona team decided to keep the pigeons moving and therefore announced an additional training flight from 30 klm would be staged,on sat 7th prior to the Second Endurance Race from Gran Canaria being staged on Wednesday 11th.
With a clear blue sky Abel once again released the 806 pigeons at 11,30 which should now be an easy flight for the pigeons considering the previous events they’ve undertaken and without disappointment with a little excitementof watching the pigeon returning,they made light work of the journey.

Team Fabulous Hoes Brothers 2nd position additional training pigeon “Starfighter” Belgium
Team Fabulous Hoes Brothers 2nd position additional training pigeon “Starfighter” Belgium

For 1stInternational we head to team Switzerland and pigeon “Izo 36” took the top honours for IzetLicinda in just over twenty minutes recording a time of,in 2nd we go to team Belgium with pigeon “Starfighter” for Team Fabulous Hoes Brothers on,just ahead of team Poland and pigeon named “Race” for Roman Stopa in 3rd on, Team IoanDanciCatuna pigeon “Windullah” from Romania takes the 4th Spot on a time of,just piping ahead of team P.E.C.from Belgium with their entry “Decade” timing in 5th with,taking 6th we head to team Germany as Team CWS pigeon “Roberto Carlos 21” timing in on Marc De Cock from Belgium timed his entry “Charles 122” for 7th position on, Casper Lurvink from the Netherlands homed in on 8th with his pigeon “Rubico” timing in,leaving neighbouring countries of Belgium and Germany to battle it out for the remaining two Top Ten positions resulting in Team Monika &Jurgen from Germany with pigeon “Xandor” on, coming just ahead of team Belgium pigeon “Imsakit” for Team Penne,Roelandt&Blancquaert taking 10th on 11.52.40 .40

3rd additional training flight pigeon named “Race” for Team Roman Stopa Poland

As we expected within no time nearly all the entries were home and safe within the first hour of liberation and thankfully the small number of pigeons which were a miss at the end of the day turned in the following morning indicating a 99.8 % returns rate,once again proving the decision to add this short training flight was once again proven to be the right move to keep the pigeon motivated for what lies ahead as the team prepare for basketing for the second endurance race from Gran Canaria.
With five successful sea crossings completed the King of the Atlantic Averages is starting to take shape now as consistency in these events is starting to show currently in pole position and current leader we have Team Hendrik Wilpers with pigeon “Virgil” ahead for team Germany on 37.851 pts in 2nd place is team Poland and SynWrobelMichal &Patryk with pigeon “Wico” on 37,788 with 3rdplace being held by team Belgium and Syn Norbert de Schrijver and pigeon “CaseysSong” on 37,595


Also moving along and not including the additional non official training which are currently being included by the discretion of the Arona team is the King of Sprint Averages for all races island and seas, where team England stand Top of the list with SynTrainspotters pigeon “Princess Waggy” accumulating 59,593 pts,in 2nd we have team Sevilla and Francisco Gutierrez with pigeon “Real Gone Kid” on 59.159 ahead of pigeon “Wilco” for team Poland and Team Wrobel, Michal&Patryk on 58,570

The Ledesma family and race management team preparing to welcome fanciers from around the world to the island of Tenerife

So as we head into the near future Endurance Race and the quickly approaching Semifinal it’s also time to look forward to the finals week,it’s an opportunity for the Arona team and Ledesma family to welcome the many fanciers and interested parties from around the world,who have supported the race to the island of Tenerife for the big event of the Final Race and the 120,000 prize,the weeks gets underway with the live basketing at the loft on Thursday morning,which offers an opportunity to the entrant to be repatriated with their entry prior to going through the race marking procedure, from there we move onto the Friday night where the Ledesma family invite you to join them at the formal Welcome evening at a top canarian restaurant,with transport included too and from the venue for the sum of 40 euro pp…its then we look forward to the Main race on Sat 28thMarch and congratulating the Final Race winner at the loft with livestream running keeping everyone around the world updated to the proceedings and the arrivals as and when they come, in the meantime the Arona team offer all the traditional complementary refreshments of freshly cooked paella and hog roast served with local beers and soft drinks for your enjoyment throughout the day.

Then we come down to the big finale the Gala evening which is held at the MarenostrumResort Playa de Las Américas,a night when all winners and all returning finalists are congratulated with a buffet served to please every nationality and entertainment in the form of a local vocalist/band and traditional canariancarnival providing the entertainment band and complimentary bar facilities throughout the evening truly A night not to be missed all for the sum of 70 euro per person.

Tom harris