📢 Sea Race-2 + Training Report 😊


“Sea Race-2“


Derby AronaSea Race 2:

 Team Toto Buzi England 1st International

 And Latest Island training:

1st International Alexander Gebel Germany

Following on from the latest experience of Sea Race One approx. 25 km off the north eastern coastline of Tenerife the team were preparing to stage the second of such liberations a little further out approx.klm which means the liberation would be slightly closer to the island of Gran Canaria than Tenerife.

With the weather playing havoc with plans the team had to stage a short island training race between the two sea liberations it was again the result of “calimas” coming in at various times during the week, the team had no option other than to wait for the right conditions to go straight to Sea Race Two.

With the 2,042 pigeons which overcome Sea Race One basketed and on route during the early hours of Sunday morning the convoy once again made the crossing to Gran Canaria under darkness to await the return ferry to liberate at the designated distance.

With the birds airborne at 09.35 we all sat patiently to see how the birds would return, as this could have been a difficult experience for the pigeons on release seeing land in both directions and having to orientate and head for the island of Tenerife.

As time went on and the anticipated time of arrivals approaching a small batch of twelve or so pigeons were spotted racing to the loft on a flying time of just fifty minutes,indicating to us that they were more likely to have hit land further down the eastern coastline of Tenerife therefore shredding valuable minutes off their flying time, with the birds on the clock and no more pigeons in the area the result was announced.

Team TotoBuziLofts and pigeon “Camtown Fella” 1st England 1st International Sea Race 2
Team TotoBuziLofts and pigeon “Camtown Fella” 1st England 1st International Sea Race 2


Taking the top honours of 1st International and 1st England we have Team TotiBuziLofts experiencing a successful first phase of the training programme with numerous appearances in the top numbers on this occasion pigeon “CamtownFella” records its arrival at,in second place in the runner up position we go across the Atlantic to the USA as Team Easley and pigeon “Gangster”,the 3rd International position goes to team Italia,as pigeon ”Gimli” for Team Carlo Iaconeta times in on 10.25 39.25,team Germay take the fourth spot today as pigeon “Eisenherz”, for Team German Storm recorded its arrival on, team Hungary take the 5th position with their first of three Top Ten positions as pigeon “Call The Odds” records for Team Herold Attila, Team Alexis from France takes the 6th position as pigeon “Precoce” timed in on, team Hungary’s second arrival takes the 7th place with pigeon “Nady” for Team Norbert,Turi& Noel coming in on,just ahead of Team FlyhomeLofts from the USA taking the 8th place with pigeon “Drako” on,it’s also a second arrival for team Italia in 9th position with pigeon “Martina” for Team Ghiacci&Celli &Valvotiming in on resulting like team Hungarys third pigeon in today Top Ten with pigeon “Laci”,for Team LaszloBarocs .

Team Easley USA 2ndInternational Sea Race 2 pigeon “Gangster”
Team Easley USA 2ndInternational Sea Race 2 pigeon “Gangster”

With the first arrivals all within the confines of the loft there was a long wait as everyone watched keenly for the next arrivalsand as time went on it was a further six minutes before we could see pigeons approaching and whilst the first pigeons had clearly broke away and headed straight for home,to the relief of everyone watching these pigeons which were now coming through was to be a good sign as the skies above the loft filled with pigeons all looking to trap and a welcoming drink as temperatures were rising.

As the day went on and with the livestream running till dust we sat patiently watching pigeons returning some seemed to of had a good fly today with wings down,whilst others seemed to be unscathed by their recent ordeal and with the first Hotspot Race from Gran Canaria it may well prove to be valuable experience gained.

Pigeon “Gimli” 3rdInternational Sea Race 2 for Team Carlo laconeta

With night falling on the island of Tenerife 1,786 of the initial liberation of 2.042 pigeon were safe and well within the loft leaving some 250 unaccounted for but all being well with a clear day forecast on day two and a nights rest we were confident more pigeons would come through.

Day 2 and with first light we weren’t disappointed as the first of what would turn out to be a constant flow of pigeons made their appearance and thankfully by the end of day two a further 60 plus pigeons had completed their journey as the numbers climbed to 1848.

With a few more returns making an appearance on day three, the number rose again bringing the returns ratio to 92%.

Alexander Gebel 1stInternational tr13 with pigeon “Atlantic 32”
Alexander Gebel 1stInternational tr13 with pigeon “Atlantic 32”

On completing the two scheduled Sea Races between the two islands we were gathering ourselves for the announcement of the first Car Race from Gran Canaria a race described as the “survival race” this is a nervous time for the management team and participants as it’s the first time the pigeons need to overcome any fears of leaving land below and whilst some take it in their stride a few are a little more reluctant to make the crossing with the canaries being small plots of land off the African coast this over past years has made the returns from such liberations a little erratic on day one,but as the hours and days move on, more and more pigeons overcome their fears and make the journey over … and whilst its new to fanciers from around the world flying over such open spans of water, we must take into consideration fanciers on these islands compete in such races on a weekly basis. So their knowledge and confidence that the conditions are right are paramount when planning such races.

With all sights on what’s ahead the team were hopeful to stage the first Car/Hotspot Race a few days after Sea Race 2 however with the easterly winds again picking up bringing with them the latest “calima” episode, Jose and Abel made the decision to cancel any ideas of such a race until such time that the conditions improved,so loft exercising on a daily basis was the only option at this stage until conditions altered.

Team Herold Attila (Hungary) 2ndInternational tr13

With a few days away from the basket and with the forecast set to change and following the announcement to stage the survival race on the coming Thursday the team made the decision to give the entries a short 35klm training flight to keep them motivated for such an important race, so with 1867 pigeons on route to the 35klm liberation site Abel got them away at 11.40 under broken blue skies and a light north easterly breeze.

Pigeon “Horacio” 3rd International tr13 for Team Andrzej Poland

After overcoming such races in previous weeks,it’s safe to say that the pigeons should make light work from a much shorter liberation todayand this was proven as the pigeons came in large batches after just 30 mins flying time resulting in positions being decided by the narrowest of margins,as the first pigeons made their way in taking top honours of 1st International on this occasion we head to Germany as Alexander Gebel a previous Derby Aronacar winner back in 2015 takes the winning position with pigeon “Atlantic 32” coming in on 1210.12.95and with so many pigeons coming in such a short space of time the Top Ten was soon to be claimed as follows in 2ndagain we have team Hungary with Team Herold Attila maintaining a Top Spot with another of their entries “Blood Diamond” on 12.10 13.25,team Poland take the 3rdSpot with pigeon “Horacio” for Team Andrzej Michalek on, Team Glevum entry “Ivan” representing team England take the 4thInternational Spot with a time of,for 5th we go to Belgium as Team PEC experienced a great day in Arona today taking three top positions the first being pigeon “Yudi” on,their second arrival “Bonzo” takes 7th place on and a third “Tifa” which claimed 11th on,this were split in positions by team France and pigeon “Onzi” for Team Alexis taking the 6th position on, pigeon “Sebastian” from Norway entered by Team KrystofBury takes 8th place on followed by pigeon “Super 63” in 9th place for team Slovakia and Team SadlakVendelin& Andrej on 12.10 16.30 leaving the 10th position to pigeon “Morrigan” as team Poland’s second arrival on for Team WorbelMichal&Patryk.


Team Glevum 1st England 4th International tr13 with pigeon “Ivan”


So with all the focus now on Thursday race from Gran Canariathere’s a few averages underway which are altering by the day the first is The King of Sprint for averages flown for from the first to last race, currently with thirteen races past Team Robert Marjanovic from Croatia is leading the way with his entry “Niall” making 34,556 pts,for 2nd and 3rd it’s team Germany as Team
Aa.Perle II and pigeon “Helmutvarshing” has 34.408pts just ahead of Team WaldemarPayk and pigeon “Fergie” in 3rd with 34,117pts.

Robert Marjanovic from Croatia and pigeon “Niall” 34,556pts King of Sprintaverage current leader
Robert Marjanovic from Croatia and pigeon “Niall” 34,556pts King of Sprintaverage current leader

Also with two sea races staged there The King of the Atlantic averages challenge underway this is set out for the best average for all races flown on or over the Atlantic taking in all sea liberations and island to island races through to the final currently as we head into Hotspot Race one it’s a 1st and 2nd for the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria fanciers with Team Gustavo Medina González and pigeon “Afrotime”collecting 9980 from the first two sea liberations therefore holding pole position over the the 2014 Final Race winners of Yahve,Oliveiro, Fredy and Miguel Team with pigeon “Blending Element” on 9978 wilst for 3rd we go to team turkey as Ahmed Cavdar and pigeon “Crazy” records 9924.

Pigeon “Afrotime” current King of Atlantic averages leader for Gustavo Medina González

As we head through the hotspot races there’s the usual nominations/pools up and running this offers some additional interests and excitement for those looking to have a bit of fun along the way starting from as little as 1 euro through to 100 euro pool which becomes more intense and rewarding as we hit the final all pools are broken down into various amounts percentages based on amounts placed …something that most like to participate in as we go along.

Hotspot races from Gran Canaria to Tenerife a challenging Atlantic Sea crossing to Tenerife
of 100 + klm of open waters

As we raise the Final Race it’s a time when fanciers from all corners of the world arrive on the island to experience the activities, looking at the itinerary for the week, it gets underway on Thursday 26th March with he live basketing at the loft and after such a challenging race series it’s a nice time to see and handle your entry since entering, before its placed in the basket, this is followed by the welcome evening on Friday 27thhosted by the Ledesma family then it’s onto the big day itself the FINAL RACE on Sat 28th weather permitting, finishing off with the impressive Gala evening on Sun 29thMarch.

Tom harris