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Training races 6 & 7

With the five pre-selection training races successfully overcome and the pigeons enjoying a relaxing Christmas and new year break, whilst owners and third party activations were underway, on Jan 9th the arona team recommenced their planned training programme with he first event of the new year from a distance 25klm.With 3.029 confirmed activated pigeons basked moving forward towards the future main events again basketed and loaded and on their way to the liberation, we were once again gathered on the livestream forum and social media outlets to witness the returns for training race 7.

With abel at the helm controlling the liberation,  we were informed that the pigeons were released at 10.15 into a broken canarian sky and a light north easterly wind, whilst At the loft Jose and Gladys had been joined by fanciers enjoying their xmas and new year holiday were present to see and admire the sights and pigeons on their return.

Pigeon dianka 1st international tr6 for team Miroslav Blasko Slovakia

As time went on and the expected time of arrival of pigeons coming and passing, just three pigeons were seen to arrive and whilst just one of the three landed at the loft the remaining two were more reluctant, this soon indicated that something was amiss as with 3,000 plus entries you would imagine arrivals in their masses, with time going on a further seven minutes had past before either of the three pigeons finally decided to enter the loft, taking top honours of first international we head to the eastern European country of Slovakia as pigeon dianka for entrant Miroslav blasko finally made its move crossing the line at,  in 2nd position we head to the Netherlands as pigeon de stropdas takes the runner up spot for team Hageman&acker on,the Czech republic take third leading position as team famille,karas Antonin pigeon radhesambh entered on

Team Hageman&acker and pigeon de stropas Netherlands 2nd international tr6
Team Hageman&acker and pigeon de stropas Netherlands 2nd international tr6


With all eyes and concerns now growing, as to the whereabouts of the remaining pigeons,jose and the team and the many fanciers watching the live event were informed by abel and local fanciers who had gathered to witness the liberation that shortly after liberation and during the orientation period that followed the convoy suffered a number of peregrine strike which dispersed the pigeons into smaller batches heading in all directions, something we didn’t want at this early stage of the training programme.

Meanwhile back at the loft we could clearly see pigeons coming in just ones and twos indicating with the news of such reports we were in for a long and stressful day, taking 4th international we have the german entry book hunging 2 for team maria & Hubert bramkamp who in phase one of the training programme flew a consist pigeon which seems to have continued with an arrival time of, team gb take 5th open with team w & s sweet representing England recording their pigeon mrshelby on we head back to the winning nation of Slovakia for 6th with team jozefmikusinec and pigeon king coming home on,moving onto 7th team Germany also recorded their second arrival as team monika`s pigeon malletut timed in on, just ahead of close neighbours the Netherlands with the oener butcher syn pigeon named sunrise taking 8th with a time of,for 9th and 10 international we head across the ocean to the united states of America who take the remaining two top flight positions as pigeon airwolf xvi for for pl abasolofamloft timing on just ahead of the flyindloft entrant miss whitby coming in on

Czech republic team famille,karas Antonin pigeon radhesambh 3rd international tr6
Czech republic team famille,karas Antonin pigeon radhesambh 3rd international tr6

As you can see by the unusual steady flow of returns it was a troublesome time for the arona management team as they lie everyone just sat and waited patiently for more arrivals,  thankfully some fifteen minutes after the first pigeon had hit the landing board we were a little relieved to see larger batches of pigeons coming through and although they too seemed unduly panicked on their return and a little reluctant to trap we were fortunate to see by noon an hour or so later the clock showed over 2,500 pigeons had over come their daunting experience.

As the afternoon progress more pigeons came through as expected following several hours on the wing at night fall on day one 2777 of the 3,029 entries were safely perched, With so many pigeons still unaccounted for from day one we hoped that the following morning we would see a vast rise in numbers as pigeons which obviously were scattered corrected themselves and made their way through.

Team w& s sweet 1st uk 5th international tr 6 with pigeon mr shelby.
Team w& s sweet 1st uk 5th international tr 6 with pigeon mr shelby.

As the sun rose on day two we eagerly awaited an update on the clock to see some early times and thankfully we weren’t disappointed as the first arrival made its appearance shortly before 9am it started a constant flow of pigeons through out the day as a further 136 pigeons thankful appeared as the sun set on day two.

As we entered day three and still in the hope of more pigeons, a further thirteen pigeons gallantly came home to roost which was even more pleasing to see and with further twelve arrivals on days four and five it brought the figures up to a more pleasurable 2,938 and overall average of 97% in a race that could of seriously been a lot worse.

Following such an ordeal the loft management team made an announcement to postpone the next training race,  to give the returning pigeons time to settle and overcome the past days ordeal this seemed to go down well with a large number of competitors on social media as it showed the consideration for the pigeons was again proving the major factor being early in the programme indicating no unnecessaryrisks will be taken.

Training race 6.

Its been an few days now since the previous ordeal from tr6 when the birds were continuously attacked by the local peregrine and whilst training was suspended the team continued to give the pigeons a few days of casual loft exercise, before announcing that they would resume on the Tuesday.

With 2983 pigeons basket the convoy made there way to the 30 klm liberation site just 5klm further than the previous liberation,  and following news of a 10.20 liberation in a light ese wind we all sat patiently hoping of no repeat of last time.

Team klass&son 1st international for team Germany with pigonskindy
Team klass&son 1st international for team Germany with pigonskindy

With 30 minutes flying time we didn’t have to wait much longer before the first pigeons could be seen resulting in a narrow win for the German entry skindytaking pole position and taking 1st international for the highly successful one loft partnership of team klass&son with an arrival time of,just pipping in 2nd spot the slovaki entry mirka for team jurica,on 10 52.57.75,team Belgium take 3rd international with entrant jefgoris and pigeon named teny coming home to record a time of, the winning national Germany timed in their second arrival as team Schupp and pigeon named recall takes 4th place, team uk takes the 5th international position with pigeon parkside 94 representing England for team Parkside(unc) records its arrival time of 10 .52.59.30, team Netherlands take the 6th international as team Walcheren and pigeon wauter records its arrival on,it’s a third arrival in todays top ten for team Germany in 7th spot with team schnelin and pigeon daniell times in on, for 8th we head to the Netherlands as Lorenzo van russells entry Zaida timed in on,team England take the 9th position with last years hotspot race winners team woodhouse boys syn entry cathy homing in just a decimal behind with a time of,we round off todays top ten with the usa pigeon named large for team milestone on


2nd international pigeon mirka for team juricaslovakia
3rd international pigeon teny for team jefgoris Belgium.

With the first pigeons safely recorded and batch after batch clearly seen arriving it was a relief to all and the arona team to see that there was a vast improvement from this training race and as the sun set on the canary islands 2808 pigeons were home safe and sound, with a further forty two arrivals coming through the following morning this brought the percentage rate up to a respectable 97%

Parkside 94 for team parksideunc 1stuk 5th international.

Following the announcement of the next training race scheduled to take place two days later on the Thursday morning, this was followed by a further unfortunate announcement indicating that plans for such race had to cancelled due to a claima approaching the island of tenerife which was anticipated to be present for the next few days,  therefore no training was to take place until such times as conditions improved, (a calima is a sand storm which comes across the atlantic from the Sahara desert and brings with it a yellow taint in the sky which indicates sand fragments in the atmosphere such conditions make in unwise to train until such time conditions improve


The calima image.

The latest news on the king of sprint averages following the previous race 7 heading the field is pigeon eugene for the Lanzarote entrant team tarabedi Lanzarote with 20,021 pts ahead of the Belgium team de moor gunther&pierre pigeon remco in 2nd on 19,408 currently holding in 3rd place is pigeon big dunc for team klass& son with 19,162 pts,

Current leaders in the king of sprint averages pigeon eugene for entrant team tarabedi Lanzarote
team tarabedi Lanzarote
“The Derby Arona “stand at the Blackpool show 2020

Following such disappointing news from the island of Tenerife,  in the uk the Blackpool show of the year preparations were underway, as we made our way to represent the derby arona and to meet and greet old and new participants at the stand during the weekend with the build takingplace early on the Friday morning, this year we were honoured to welcome Gladys Ledesma for the first time to the uk later that afternoon representing the Ledesma family and the arona management team, this proved to go down well with everyone who visited the stand during the weekend, as it not only gave participants the opportunity of meeting one of the main organisers on a personal level, but it also gave Gladys the same opportunity to put faces to names.

We await now the news for the next training race which has been announced to be on Tuesday hopefully the weather will improve and abel and jose can again get training back on schedule.

Tom harris