๐Ÿ“ข Training race 8 & 9 report ๐Ÿ˜Š


โ€œTraining race 8 & 9 reportโ€œ

Since the recommencement of training in the derby arona one loft race the team and pigeons are now making good headway north through the island of Tenerife heading for the port of santacruz with the latest outing from the 35 klm liberation site.

With 2850 pigeons on site and all conditions good to go abel and the trusted team of conveyors got the pigeons airborne at 10.30 am in a light north easterly wind with cloudy and overcast skies.

At the lofts preparations were again underway to receive the pigeons on their return with local fanciers and holiday makers present at the loft hopeful that the peregrineproblems that we faced on the previous training race where now well into the past.

As time went on and the expected arrival time came it was pleasing to see the first batch of pigeons at the loft and pleasing to see without hesitation making their way in to record their arrival.

Ist international tr 8 team verteberg Netherlands pigeon Tenerife 75
Ist international tr 8 team verteberg Netherlands pigeon Tenerife 75

Taking top spot and the honour of 1st international we go to team Netherlands and pigeon named Tenerife 75 for team versteberg timing in on,just ahead of the local gran canarian team of yahve& Jaime in the runner position with their arrival hamham on,we head to eastern Europe for 3rd international and team Slovakia with team bielek racing with pigeon guccina coming in on, for 4th we go to the uk as the 2018 final race and 120,000 winning syn pk lofts representing team wales take a top position with pigeon pk14 recorded its return on, ย team maria & Hubert bramkamp from Germany are continuing to fly high as again they come into the top ten again today with their entry Danuta 1 timing in on to take the 5th spot narrowly ahead of team England and team fev flyers entry fev 7 just two seconds behind on in 6th, team anil pigeons pigeon warrior from romainia take the 7th international place with entry ioana timing in on, as its followed in by the second german entry as pigeon dream weaver team sg fuchs&wolf takes the 8th spot on 11,11.47.45, team worbel,michal&patryk from Poland timed in their entry cosmic mystery for the 9th position with a time of resulting in team Italy taking the final top ten position with pigeon victor 1 for team nitu,Robert&mogadjaionel on

pigeon hamham 2nd international tr8 gran canarian team of yahve& Jaime

Following such an ordeal in tr7 when the pigeons encountered a series of the team and everyone watching on the various internet facilities seemed a little more relieved as over he next few minutes wave after wave of pigeons were seen to be returning resulting in the clock running on overtime to catch up and place each arrival in order, it soon became clear that within the first 5 minutes of the first arrivals over one thousand pigeons were on the clock these were followed by yet more and more and by such time when the livestream became disconnected well over 2,500 of the 2,850 entries were on the clock.

3rd international team Slovakia with team bielek racing with pigeonguccina

As the day went on and the clock was updated it showed today the pigeons returned unscathed from todays flight and as night fell over the island 2721 pigeons settled down for the night.

Day 2 and with the sun rising the later pigeons which for what ever reason made a mistake the day before were starting to appear at regular intervals and as the day went on a further forty or so pigeons had corrected their ways and return to the relief were sure of the owners, as we went into day three with further expectations of more pigeons we werenโ€™t to be disappointed more came through to bring the returns rate to an acceptable and respectable 97%

Pk lofts wales 1st uk 4th international tr8 pigeon pk 14
Pk lofts wales 1st uk 4th international tr8 pigeon pk 14

Training race 9.

Were just two island training racing away now from the first sea race as we step that little further to the distance of 50 klm and the first known challenge the pigeons need to overcome flying from the north to south of the island the flight path takes in the challenging guimar valley a barren and rugged terrain of untouched and unoccupied volcanic mountains and valleys known to occupy many peregrines and altitude issues, ย a route that in previous years have seen some unexplainable erratic returns and a liberation where pigeons need the ability to think for themselves to overcome,from a human outlookif you look at the geographical position of the liberation you would think there is a more easier but longer route down the eastern coastline which would be less challenging but being the shortest route from A to B itโ€™s the preferred flight path the pigeons take annually.

With 2,766 pigeons which overcome tr8 on site awaiting liberation the increased number of viewers on livestream and other social media facilities awaited confirmation of todays liberation.

In a light north westerly wind and moderate 20 degress the strings were cut and the pigeons were away, with reports liberation reports indicating that the pigeons had orientated well and were slowly making their way south deemed to be on route for home

Winner of 1st international tr9 pigeon rinusje 28 for team bass belgium.

With everything secured on the lorry abel departed the liberation site for his return journey, only to report back to the loft that just a few klm south of the liberation a batch of around 400 pigeons had appeared to have broken away from the main batch and were again circling looking for direction, once again indicating that something had struck the pigeons shortly following the liberation.

Leaving everyone including the arona team at the loft a little uneased as to what they and we were about to witness once the expected time of arrivals approached

As the clock showed a flying time of fifty two minutes a small number pigeons landed at the loft and a little reluctancy to enter the traps and with no more pigeons in vicinity over the minutes that followed, it appeared that our worst fears where soon to become a reality and the pigeons had again been subject to yet another series of attacks on route.

2nd international tr9 team Colombian as pigeon named riche for team Sebastian, arango,benjumea

Taking the honour of 1st international leading the way crossing the line with a winning time of we have team Belgium with pigeon rinusje 28 for team bass, a few seconds ahead of the runner up arrival for team Colombian as pigeon named riche for team Sebastian, arango,benjumea takes 2nd place with a time of, for 3rd international we go to team Poland,with team smge,rumik,krysztof and pigeon michi timing in on,in 4th we stay out to the eastern side of Europe once again as team Slovakia and pigeon west ham for team palko came through on,which left the trapping area somewhat empty until the next arrival came in with team England and common view lofts entry smart boy arriving to take the 5th international position on,the Ukraine entry keeter for team hip-hop was the next arrival in 6thseen to enter the loft with a time of, just pipping the Norwegian entrant over the line into 7th as pigeon mad valiant for team krystof bury timed in on,with just the odd one or two pigeons making an appearance its seemed like a lifetime before the next pigeons were home as a small number appeared from behind the adjacent houses resulting in the Fuerteventura entry Dianne for team matias, cabera Cabrera coming in for 8th international, team England take the 9th spot as team holland & stubbs and pigeon leo times in on,leaving the syn of jacky an jelle Creemers and pigeon arona taking the 10th position with a time of

team smge,rumik,krysztof
team smge,rumik,krysztof

As it could clearly be seen and witnessed the leading arrivals were well split and whilst fears of a long drawn out day was on the cards we were soon fortunate to see some large batches coming through as the returning numbers steadily increased during the hours that followed, this was a steady pattern throughout the afternoon and through to early evening and considering what had gone on early that day there was 2564 pigeons safely perched indicating there was still just over 200 pigeons unaccounted for as the sun set on day one.

Day 2 and with so many pigeons experiencing a night under the stars, as day brke the early risers soon began to arrive as pigeon reck for team ozam from Germany started what turned out to be a steady flow of arrivals turning in just after 8am indicating that although the pigeons for some reason or another had failed to return the day before they were clearly still on the island and not too far away, as 30 plus pigeons came through by midday .the steady stream of returning pigeons continued up until 6pm as 2609 pigeon were now recorded ., with yet another day and hopefully more returns anticipated by the close of day three a further ten pigeons had home d clearly showing 2619 pigeons and a returns ratio of 94.68%

Pigeon smart boy common view lofts England 5th international tr9

Like all corners of the world the bird of prey situation is escalating and the island of Tenerife and the canary islands being no different this is playing a major part in racing, ย its documented that Tenerife and near neighbouring islands host an approx. 180 pairs of peregrines situated at various locations some direct in line with the flying routes others just hampering the returns due to hunting grounds and whilst thereโ€™snatural resources for these birds to survive they cannot resist the temptation for the challenge of coming after our athletes of the sky as they pass through, its something of a worldwide issue and not an isolated one, so all these pigeons at this stage in the competition need to be commended on overcoming and experiencing some troubled times.

As we progress through the training the king of sprint averages are now starting to take shape, as still in top spot we see the neighbouring Lanzarote entrant team Lanzarote tarabedilanzrote pigeon eugene remains in first place as we soon end the island training programme with 24,209 pts, team pj lofts from Slovakia are just a few hundred points behind in 2nd with pigeon pjkannia on 23,601 whilst team Poland claim 3rd with pigeon dinamatasatnding on 22,965.

Current king of sprint average leader pigeon eugene

With just one more final island training race schedule in the coming days, from the port of Santa Cruz.

Its from there on we will be heading in a more easterly direction with approx. three mid sea liberations in the direction of Gran Canaria where the first hotspot /car race is staged. From the first sea race the team will not only be filming the returns at the loft, ย but if possible the liberations from the vessels will also be filmed for your viewing ..once again showing the transparency and enjoyment of the race to all.

Visit the website at www.derbyatlantic.com all the excitement results and current race information

With the first hotspot races not to far away its time to consider a visit to the 2020 derby arona final race which this year is being held on sat 28th march with live basketing taking place on Thursday 26th the week provides an opportunity to witness one of the worlds highly profiles races and be amongst fanciers from a large number of countries worldwide, who come together to congratulate the winner of the ultimate one loft race prize of 120,000 euro. The Most favourable resorts in the area local to the lofts and easily accessible include Play de Las Americas, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje.

Tom harris