Derby Arona Final 2022 Basketing has just been completed with 196 Brave Warriors Going forward to Saturdays liberation from Fuerteventura 280 Km Double Step Challenge. Sadly and disappointingly for some participants some pigeons have gone missing during loft orientation between the Semi Final and today’s basketing procedure. The loft has been clearly check by the team with independent witnesses overseeing the search just incase. Any pigeons remain but none were present. As some sort of compensation to those that have suffered by this loss the Arona Team are offering a free pigeon entry for next year’s race as a form of some compensation. Whilst we’re all disappointed with what has occurred. The Team understandably couldn’t keep the pigeons locked away they had to keep them exercised in preparation for the coming race and as such are unable to offer any idea as to how or why it has happened. Maybe it’s the peregrines chasing them or they’ve got caught up with other pigeons racing on and over Tenerife. No one knows. The Team have indicated that the liberation from Fuerteventura will be around 7.30 to 8am on Saturday morning depending on the forecast and advise visitors to arrive early. Good Luck all!

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