😉 As a gesture to our esteemed participants!


Dear sportfriends, dear agents,

With the pandemic years a lot of people had a hard time. Now that normal life seems to go in a better way all around Europe and a big part of the world, we the Ledesma family would like to celebrate this with all our participants. Special occasions call for special celebrations.

As you probably have seen, we the Ledesma family have offered a big group of our own Canary island hardened top quality pigeons for activation as ‘VENTURE PIGEONS

We still have a group of these ‘venture pigeons’, which have not been activated so far. We feel they also should be given a chance to show their qualities, from which our participants should be able to benefit as well. They have shown their trust in us, so we want to give back and show our trust in you and them, the Derby Arona family.

What we would like to do, is that these venture pigeons will keep racing in the Derby Arona in the training races including the survival race. The first time all pigeons will be going to Gran Canaria. These non activated venture pigeons can’t win prizemoney in this race ofcourse. The will raced unde “Second Chance Token Gestures” Team.

As were all clearly aware the survival race is a true test of bravery and courage as its the first time these brave warriors will face the ultimate test of the open waters of the atlantic ocean by leaving land below to cross over between islands  and following relentless training beforehand  based on previous years it results in a percentage of the entries unwiling to face at the first request.

Therefore As a gesture to our esteemed participants, the venture pigeons which make it back to Tenerife after the survival race, will be given as replacement for any lost pigeons which we may occur. This will be done by lottery and the pigeons will be treat same to a “3rd Party Pigeon Activations” as rules effect.

It will probably be difficult to replace all pigeons. We will do our best to keep as many participants happy the best way we can. The new owners will have all rights to the prizemoney won with the replacement pigeons for the whole event including the final and championships.

J.Ledesma – Derby Arona Family