To fanciers, friends and participants,

We at the Derby Arona wished to express and share the disbelief and disappointment that occurred on Friday from Gran Canaria Car Race 1.

As always, we operate at  100% transparency policy  and therefore we wish publicly share our disbelief and sadness after what had happened on that day  with you all.

In the build up to the race we posted a video clearly showing the excellent condition that the pigeons were in prior to basketing after such an extensive training program which included three mid sea liberations we were confident in the pigeons ability in the forthcoming race.


With all the pigeons basketed, the journey began to the north of tenerife for a mid afternoon crossing to Gran Canaria arriving on site early evening on Thursday. With the birds watered and settled, we awaited the liberation on Friday morning.

Friday morning

With clear skies and a north easterly wind across the atlantic on the line of flight,  at the time of liberation the temperature had reached a moderate 17 to 19 degrees  when the pigeons were released at 09.05, which was all documented in the liberation video.

With many local fanciers and also participants being present  on site to witness the liberation  a small batch were seen to breakaway shortly after release  and head out across the water in the direction of Tenerife, whilst  the majority of the pigeons remained orientating the local area for quite a while in small batches. As in past years experience  we anticipated these would eventually make a line for home.

At the lofts, all seemed well once the first birds arrived in just over 1 1/2 hours and our thoughts were we would have a good race, however by nightfall  like yourselves  we were total devastated and truly disappointed as an organization and for the many participants, that only a small number of pigeons had returned.

We cannot explain, the reasons behind this all we can assume is the pigeons did not want  to face the open waters and therefore remain in the regions of Gran Canaria this being more credible by the numbers that returned Saturday  morning and days that followed.

We the derby Arona sympathize with each fancier who had pigeons in the race which failed to return as there`s no major factor to say why they didn’t, the preparation in regards to training was as planned, the weather and conditions on the day was perfect for the race, “as always” we don`t take unnecessary risks when it comes to releasing pigeons it has to be right “which on this day it was.

Therefore if there was a  logical explanation into such a high loss from car race 1 then we would openly share it with  you all. But to now nothing we can say will make up for the disappointment sadness that we all still feel.

We must  however as an organization congratulate the fanciers who`s pigeons have returned from this race whilst we  appreciate the disappointment for those who haven’t as yet timed in, we will continue to monitor and of course keep you all updated on any future arrivals throughout the coming week.

We would also like to thanks the fanciers who have expressed jose-v1their support and best wishes to the Arona team at such a sad and disappointing  time and  hope that the trust in the race and management  remains as strong as ever, as we thrive and continue to provide a total  transparent one loft race through to the final of this year’s campaign and the future of the derby Arona Tenerife.

The next training race will be cancelled and the CAR RACE-2 is planned for the first days of the next week is weather permit.

J Ledesma – Arona TEAM