📘 CAR RACE-2 Report





“Simply the best”

After nearly two weeks of unsuitable weather over the canaries with high winds dominating the weather outlook, the Derby Arona Team finally had the breakthrough that they had patiently sat and waited for, as the dark storm clouds cleared and a dramatic drop in wind speed the Derby Arona Hotspot 2 Car Race plans were once again on track as the 690 pigeons which have overcome a much improved training programme were again on their travels to the north of Tenerife to board and make the crossing to the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria.

Once docked there was a short drive as the pigeons finally arrived on site on the eastern side of the island in preparation for an early liberation the following morning with Abel once again up early and the water replenished, everyone was ready once the morning sun had risen to cut the string and get the pigeons on their way over the 130 klm flight across the Atlantic to home.

At the lofts the livestream and social media sites were once again active as we received confirmation that the pigeons were away at 08.20 in a 23klm west south westerly head wind and a moderate Canary temperature of 24 degrees, which would rise gradually as the morning went on, shortly after liberation we were also informed that Abel was only capable of making a short filming of the pigeons after release due to them clearing the area and on their way within minutes which was pleasing to hear.

Team Paul Smith Syn (England) 1st International Car Race 2
“Pauls Ambition” Car Race 2 winner

As time went on the usual expectations of the first sightings were going around and as the hour and half mark came and past we knew the pigeons weren’t too far away as everything seemed to go quiet on the internet, it was on the one hour 38 minutes that pigeons were seen circling in a batch of around fifty plus, coming onto the trap, as the pigeons made their way into the loft and after a short spell waiting for the result to appear, it was declared that taking 1st International and 1st UK & Ireland representing England was Team Paul Smith Syndicate with pigeon “Pauls ambition” claiming the major prizes for Hotspot 2 and 6000/car prize with a time of, there was yet another top flight finishing position for team Slovakia as Team Krajcik Daniel & Andrea and pigeon “Danko” came in for 2nd just two seconds behind the winner on a time of 09.58.59 05.and claims the 2nd prize of 1,000 euro into their account, team Germany take 3rd with Paul-Heinz Wesjohann and pigeon “Napoleon” recording its arrival on and claims the third prize of 500 euro for its achievement, in 4th we have the 2nd UK and Ireland pigeon as Wales Paul Bamford and pigeon “Pinzan” timed in on and claims the first of the 100 euro prizes which are awarded for positions from fourth to tenth, our runner up syndicate of Team Krajcik Daniel & Andrea claims the 5th Spot with their 2nd arrival “Drejka” on just ahead of Team Volmer & Wilpers who claimed 6th and the second German arrival with their pigeon “Gagarin”, team Croatia takes the 7th position as Team Pudic Family entry “Electro” clocked in on, narrowly ahead of Team IFJ Ferge Miklos Jr. from Hungary and pigeon “Micike” on for 8th, a third arrival for team Solvakia sees Team Greg take 9th with pigeon “Greg 181” on the clock on as Team Twin Brothers Gelderland, from The Netherlands rounds up today’s top ten positions with pigeon “Papada” crossing the line on


Slovakia Team Krajcik Daniel & Andrea 2nd International Car Race 2 and the current King of the Atlantic leaders is on 14875 pts



Once again, it’s clearly seen the first batch of pigeons made good time flying between the two islands and it wasn’t long after their arrival the flood gates opened as bunch after bunch arrived home to not only the delight of the fanciers participating and watching  but for the Arona team who for the past week or so have had to sit tight and wait for the right day, a credit and tribute to them once again with the race and loft management, by adding  the extra short training races implemented over the island to maintain the fitness level to take on this race.

As the afternoon went on and more pigeons were seen to arrive by nightfall 610 from the initial 690 liberated home safe and with a further twenty or so, during the following day this brought the returns rate up to a respectable 91% for this kind of challenge across the mighty Atlantic Ocean.

Germany Paul-Heinz Wesjohann 3rd Interna Car Race 2

As the celebrations on such a great Hotspot 2 Race were still in everyone’s minds the Arona Team announced that with a stable forecast expected into next week they can announce that a short training race from 40 klm would be staged on the coming Saturday followed by the 3rd and final Hotspot/Car Race (Semifinal) the following Wednesday .

Sat 10th March and with 630 that returned from the last event once again basketed and on the road to Fasnia approx 40 klm from the loft, here in the UK the Derby Arona stand and UK coordinators were present at the Doncaster show representing the race, and to the delight of fanciers attending the show they were given the opportunity to visit the stand and watch the race live from Tenerife, as it happened a viewing that some had never experienced which went down well.

Race 24 island training race winner Daughter Bonte Florizone  for Team Dariusz Skawinski Poland

Whilst fanciers gathered we waited for the confirmation of the liberation, to come through and with so many present we were very  busy on the stand in the build up to the liberation and as a result  we unable to interact with fanciers on the livestream prior to the race so therefore as for the build up, we regrettably haven’t got much to go on, however as we received the confirmation of the 12 noon release and everyone here in Doncaster watching vigilantly for pigeons on the screen, this time also gave us the opportunity to explain the shipping and all relative info to those who had taken a greater interest as they could see the transparency shown by Team Arona on the race

FANCIERS AT THE RECENT DONCASTER SHOW awaiting the first arrivals from race 24 (island training)


As we waited for the birds to arrive we anticipated the first pigeons just before the 30 min mark and right on time this proved to be the case a large number approached the loft and made their way, ok there’s no big prizes on this additional race but all points gained go towards the averages and everyone with pigeons in the race hope to see their name on top once the result was announced.


“Libero” 2nd international race 24 for Team Caspar Lurvink netherlands


Taking the 1st International  position  with an arrival time of  12.29,22.32 were the Polish syndicate of  Dariusz Skawinski as pigeon named “Daughter Bonte Florizone”, who beat the rush to the trap just ahead of team Netherlands and Caspar Lurvink with pigeon “Libero” on, for 3rd we go back to eastern Europe for Poland’s second arrival this time for Team Swiecicki & Zajac, and pigeon “Sugar Foot” timing in on, Team Hennie & Arie Voskuil from The Netherlands timed in their entry “Ohrpeus” on a time of to make record the second Netherlands arrival and 4th International for them, David Jacobs from Belgium takes the 5th sept on a time of with his entry “Carres”, in 6th we go to team Italy and Team Renato Cantu, with his entry “Price” again in amongst the front runners with a time of 12 29 27.80, in 7th we have a new face in the top ten as Husain Ali Ahmed Al Kooheji from Bahraine as pigeon “Al Kooheji 1” came in on, Team Emrullah Oraloglu from Turkey takes the 8th position with pigeon “Akhisar” on as Team IFJ Ferge Miklos Jr. arrival settles for 9th today with pigeon “Zsanci” for team Hungary on 12 .29.30.45, team UK & Ireland takes the final position within the leading Top Ten as Murray and Mills Synd records just the job on

With the distance being just 40 klm we knew that once the first birds were sighted they would come in large batches and losses we hope would be minimal, and of course this was to be as all 630 pigeons sent were safely home albeit with the arrival of five which obviously made a mistake coming the following morning.

Pigeon named “Sugar Foot” for Team Swiecicki & Zajac from Poland  3rd International race 24

So here we go, we prepare for the Semi final Race and double island crossing from the island of Fuerteventura to Tenerife taking in two stretches of open Atlantic waters and the island of Gran Canaria on route back to the Arona lofts, it’s these races that make the Derby Arona unique from any other race in the world as this is a dramatic adventure for the pigeons to over come… but rest assured all the additional  work that has been put into the pigeons along with maintaining their health and condition, were go into this race in a positive mind with a positive outcome to take us in the Final Race on the 23rd March with the 120,000 up for grabs for the winner, which brings to a cose the 2017/18 programme.

As for the next series already plans are in place to ship entries for the next race and with the doors opening for entries an month earlier than usual  to accommodate the number expected, already  team USA have confirmed 365 pigeons in their first shipment, whilst here in the UK we have also have been working hard on the promotional side of things and have what we believe could be a bumper entry for this year race from all the five home countries, shipments dates are departing the UK mainland on or around the 2nd week of June and Sept… however actual dates will be confirmed in the fancy press closer to the day.


John Murray of Murray and Mills Syn 1st UK 10th International Race 24

With the additional Sprint training races carried out due to the weather the averages, have been altering day by day, however currently still in the lead in the King of Sprint, average which covers positions from the first to last race is Slovakia Team Evin Peter & Noemi from Ooland with pigeon “Rachel 409” on 41666 pts.

And in the other average competition which covers the island to island races as the King of the Atlantic is Team Krajcik Daniel & Andrea and pigeon “Danko” on 14875 pts

Pigeon “Danko” currently leading The King of the Atlantic Averages


The “Derby Arona” has within brief years established itself as a “World Class” sporting event. Thanks to the realist, the brutally honest fancier who believes in the superiority of his stock and is willing to challenge the “Atlantic Ocean” and all that, that entails. You are racing against the very best endurance pigeons in the world for the highest first prize money in Europe 120.000 Euro and offer the fancier a mixture of emotions throughout the campaign in the will to beat and be crowned the best in the world. Risking flights over the open ocean requires the ultimate in terms of a pigeon’s ability to orient, its physical performance, its endurance, its courage and its iron will to return to its home. The ARONA team will shortly be welcoming a United Nation pigeon fanciers that will descended upon Tenerife to enjoy the hospitality of this tropical paradise and hopefully also emerge victorious in the Ultimate Challenge that is Derby Arona. Welcome to the great Semi final Race “Double Step 230 Km”, the greatest “Opus” for racing pigeon fanciers of the world called “Derby Arona”.

So with the Final Race week clearly in our sights and the excitement and of being present and meeting up with fanciers from around the world when we can finally put faces to names that have highlight the past weeks reports, all that remains is to wish Team Derby Arona and all participating in the forthcoming Semi Final good returns and an enjoyable Final Race.


Tom Harris