📢 CAR RACE-2 Report 😊

A proud proprietor of the Derby ARONA Tenerife one loft race (joseledemsa) overlooking the new improved loft location.

The Derby Arona Tenerife One loft Race


 📢  Syndicate Anita & Tage Graveson (DENMARK) 1st International “CAR RACE-2” winners 😃

With the first island to island car race from Gran Canaria behind us, and the final rapidly approaching the team have decided that due to the approach of the latest calima episode they would look at including another short island training race to keep the pigeons focused on the job in hand, until such times the weather becomes clearer in the forthcoming days.
The latest outing being from a distance of 35 klm, with 1118 pigeons that successfully overcome the survival race from Gran Canaria on site and ready to go abel got them away at 11am in a light easterly breeze and traditional blue Tenerife sky, and thankfully reported back no problems during the liberation and orientation as the birds were seen to make a line from north to south of the island.

With larger numbers as usual now logging in to the website livestream and social media links everyone was poised to watch what should be a routine flight.

Pigeon fernec 27 1st international for team fernencaustria
Pigeon fernec 27 1st international for team fernencaustria

Taking top honours of 1st international for the third time this season we go to team Ferenc from Austria as pigeon fernec 27 leads the way on, this pigeon over recent races has scored numerous top positions which include 24th race 1, 14th in race 4, 1st in island training race 5, 1st sea race 1 and now another top spot as we congratulate them on a consistent performance, team Netherlands followed in 2nd and 3rd international with team soepboer,nudging ahead in 2nd with their entry named salt on,narrowly ahead of team g.m.b. And pigeon frederika recording its arrival on,team uk& Ireland had a good day with a few in the top flight, the first being in 4th for team England as team top wing with pigeon fay bay coming in on,team Scotland take 5th and 6th as team Ettrick comes in with pigeon Ettrick angel, on pushing fellow scots syn team jxn syndicate and pigeon calvin into 6th by a decimal on,team trainspotters representing England takes the 7th spot with their pigeon waggysrita on, leaving team sock robbers in 8th also from England with pigeon spero on,a third arrival for team Scotland and second pigeon for team jxn syndicate comes in on for 9th with pigeon named martyn resulting in the Netherlands entry santje for team tis ietarskatwyk rounding off the top ten on a time of

Team soepboer their entry named salt 2nd international island training, 3rd international additional Gran Canaria training.
Team soepboer their entry named salt 2nd international island training, 3rd international additional Gran Canaria training.

As We expected the pigeons would make light work of todays flight as returns could be seen coming in large numbers and as such only a few were a drift minutes after the first pigeons had registered their return on the clock with the remainder following in during the afternoon and a few that had made a mistake coming the following morning the final outcome resulted in a percentage rate of 97.58%

Team g.m.b. And pigeon frederika Netherlands 3rd international.
Team g.m.b. And pigeon frederika Netherlands 3rd international.
Pigeon fay bay 1stuk 4th international island training for team top wing

With the weather forecast showing clearer skies over the coming days the arona team decided to stage an additional training race from the island of Gran Canaria distance of approx. 100 klm,this was to give the pigeons that remain additional confidence for future island to island racing, another good move by team Derby ARONA.

With 1091 pigeons making the late evening crossing to the neighbouring island they were reported on site just before dusk ample time to water and prepare the convoy for the following days liberation.

Abel Ledesma ..on site the night before the liberation of the Gran Canaria 2 training race.

Race day

And with the sun rising and burning off any early morning mist which was lingering, Abel Ledesma and the team at the loft following close consultation got the pigeons away at 08.30 in a 19klm north easterly wind with an early morning temperature of 21 degrees expected to rise as the morning went on.

Murray & mills 1stengland 1stinternational additional Gran Canaria training.

With no major prizes to be won today as it’s an additional training flight, there was however a prize pot of over 4,000 euro once again in the nominations pools which would gratefully received no doubt by the successful fanciers prepared to have a go.

So with the pigeons liberated abel reported that during orientation, the pigeons were affected by a peregrine making its presence known dividing them into four separate batches to the despair of all waiting on live stream following today’s race, additional information received was relayed indicating that the pigeons were seen to advance out to sea on several occasions only to return to the safety of land below which continued for a short while until abel was confident they were on their way as he watched the pigeons advancing out to sea in the direction for Tenerife, on a more positive note unlike on the previous occasion by the time the lorry was ready to depart no pigeons were visible in or around the liberation site.

Team Slovakia pigeon Ivanka for team vugrinec 2nd international.

At the lofts whilst we patiently waited for the pigeons return, we were pleased that after such problems on liberation, a large batch and first arrivals were seen on approach to the lofts, to the relief of many.

Team Denmark with syndicate Anita & Tage Gravesen winners of car race 2 with their entry “Jos 086”
Team Denmark with syndicate Anita & Tage Gravesen winners of car race 2 with their entry “Jos 086”

Taking the honours with 1st international we have team Murray& mills representing team England with pigeon hms invincible coming out on top with an arrival time of which shows that they had by doing the crossing quicker than the previous outing they had clearly overcome the fear of crossing over such an expanded open waters, taking 2nd position we go to team Slovakia as pigeon Ivanka for team vugrinec came in on,just ahead of team soepboer, from the Netherlands with pigeon salt dropping one place from the previous island training in 3rd with a time of, a second Slovakian arrival takes 4th as pigeon aneta for team hrozen p& p comies in on,team uk& Ireland come in at 5th with team team hope and glory and pigeon rose gabentmes in on 09.39 23.80,team Netherlands record their nations second arrival as pigeon frederika is once again in the top flight for team g.m.b. On a time of in 6th, holding off the challenge from team fevflyiers from England as their entry ciclon times in for 7th on team Denmark take 8th international as pigeon vinni for team bent &tage comes in on,team England claim the 9th spot with their third arrival in todays top ten as team burns bombers entry dustie 2 times in on,resulting in team Belgium and roger mertens entry plastronneke settling in 10th place on and completing todays top ten.

Netherlands team oener butchers syn with their entry veni 2nd international car race 2

As the day progressed the team were jubilant that so many pigeons liberated had come un troubled clearly showing once again that the more times they are challenged the easier it seems to get and pleasingly by night fall 1,026 pigeons were on the clock and with a few more coming in on day two and three there was a respectable 1,051 pigeons home with a 96.33 percentage returns rate when the clock was eventually closed.
With two additional training races under their belts in the build up to the second hotspot race from the eastern side of gran the weather showed a good forecast approaching as the threatening calima slowly moved away from the line of flight between both islands therefore the team made the decision to go ahead with car race 2 on Friday 1st march.
With 1,051 pigeons who to date have overcome everything possibly thrown at them including many peregrine attacks and unsettled weather and cross Atlantic flights, abel made the early afternoon journey to the north of Tenerife for the late afternoon crossing to Gran Canaria, an upon disembarking they reportingly made their way across to the eastern coast of the island and awaited for the sun to rise the following day.
Friday morning and the day, indicating a clear blue sky and perfect racing weather the team once again got the pigeons away nice and early at 08.30 in a 25klm north easterly winds and a cool 17 degrees, with the pigeons orientating we later received reports that in no time the skies were clear of any pigeons as abel prepared for his journey back home in front of them the 125 klm flight.

With increased knowledge and experience being the third time these pigeons had faced the water, everyone was keen to see the pigeons come through and the winner of car race two announced.

With the clock ticking the team were abel to give advanced indication that the first arrivals could be seen approaching by those present consisting of approx. 60+ pigeons and as everyone waited for them to land and record their arrival it was declared that Taking first international and car race two winners we go to team Denmark with syndicate anita&tagagravesonwho take pole position with their entry jos 086 claiming the major prize of the new car or 8,000 euro cash equivalent prize with a time of, in 2nd position we go to team Netherlands and team the oener butchers syn with their entry veni coming in on to take the runner up position and prize of 2,000 euro,teamhanusvasile from hungary claim 3rd international with pigeon eline on and the 1,000 euro for its efforts, team usa come in at 4th with pigeon cork for frank mclaughlin claiming the first lower prize of 200 euro which is award to positions 4 to 10th with a time of 09.39.12 65, Daniel weichtmann from Germany with pigeon ismari claim the 5th position for team Germany on, the 2018 car winning syndicate of team fevflyiers come in for team england as their pigeon cilion moves up a place on the previous training race into 6th with a time of, the second dutch arrival takes 7th place as pigeon salt is once again in the running for the third race running as he times in on for team soepboer just ahead of two arrivals for team Belgium the first being for team de wilde& van driesschein 8th with pigeon white tom on just pipping team petra and john smits pigeon wim on the clock on into 9th, pigeon miss cloudia for team Columbia for ortaatenea finishes off todays top runners and winners in 10th on

Hanusvasile from hungary 3rd international car race 2 with pigeon eline
Hanusvasile from hungary 3rd international car race 2 with pigeon eline


Team fev flyiers 1st uk 7th international car race 2
Team fev flyiers 1st uk 7th international car race 2

For pigeons in 10th to 20th positions these arrivals also take a prize of 100 euro each within the hotspot races as we congratulate the following

11 Gran Canaria MC8214
Sugar F1 Team Yahvé, Oliveiro, Fredy, Miguel 1 09:39:18,75 1 01:09:19 Club Los Socios
12 England MC6946
Rose Gaben Team Hope and Glory 1 09:39:19,00 1 01:09:19 RPRA (Pigeon Association)
13 England MC1250
Dustie 2 Team Burns Bombers 1 09:39:19,05 1 01:09:19 RPRA (Pigeon Association)
14 Austria MC4873
Walking In The Wind Benjamin Neag 1 09:39:19,35 1 01:09:19 Austria Club
15 Wales MC3120
high hopes Team Men of Gwent 1 09:39:19,60 1 01:09:20 Wales Club
16 Gran Canaria MC6571
Niels Team Yahvé, Oliveiro, Fredy, Miguel 2 09:39:20,05 1 01:09:20 Club Los Socios
17 Netherlands MC4638
Bolero Team Pouw& Willems 1 09:39:22,15 1 01:09:22 Holland Pigeons Club
18 England MC6376
Blaze Team Midlands Masters 1 09:39:22,25 1 01:09:22 RPRA (Pigeon Association)
19 Netherlands MC7594
Vici Team theoener Butchers 2 09:39:24,35 1 01:09:24 Holland Pigeons Club
20 Belgium MC4953
Belgium Winner 88 Team Penne &Roelandt

Once again the arona and participants were more than delighted with the outcome as the pigeons now seem to take the sea crossings within their stride as each race they seemed to make lighter work of the crossing as 865 pigeons were home at nightfall, co-insidingwith a further 50+ pigeons coming in over the following days it proved to be a record returns rate on record with 922 pigeons recorded at 87+%

To keep the pigeons exercised the team again decided to give the remaining participants another additional training flight from the usual 35klm point, something now the pigeons are used to after completing such a challenging programme of twenty two races up to this point this must seems like a routine exercise to them now.

Team hope and glory England with pigeon rose gaben 1st international race 22

With 922 pigeons on site and waiting to go abel cut the strings at 11.30 releasing into a light north westerly with a rising temperature of 20 degrees and rising, with the pigeons orientation above the liberation site abel once again indicated that the batch again were subject to a peregrine strike which on this occasion divided the birds into three batches so the build up to seeing the pigeons return was a nervous one for most after overcoming so much it would have been disappointing at this stage to see any large numbers lost.
It was just 35 min later and to the relief of the arona team at the lofts that we witnessed the first pigeons overhead only one or two at first with most considering that these could well be turn ups from previous races, and with no other pigeons visible as we would expect from such a short distance we were surprised to see the winner announced, as team hope and glory representing team England with pigeon rose gabenbeing declared today’s champion with a flying an arrival time of, race 11 winning syndicate team mambo boys also from the England camp were a close second with pigeon scott coming in a few seconds later at,team soepbeor from the Netherlands are currently experiencing a good run in the top flight as todays arrival astoran contributes to a team performance coming in 3rd with a time of,team bodijozsef from hungary times in his entry bani for 4th international on,team Netherlands timed in two of their entries with team knol pigeons taking the 5th spot on, just in front of pigeon veni again in amongst the high flyers in 6th for the oener butcher syndicate on,carlos abitia from the usa takes the 7th position with pigeon spirit in black on the clock on, whilst team Romania comes in for 8th place with pigeon eline for hanusvasile on,closely followed in by two Belgium pigeons the first being white tom for team de wilde& van driessche on in 9th and team dream and pigeon kato following in on

Considering the disrupted start today were delighted to see it didn’t hamper the arrivals as within minutes the loft was a mass of pigeons on the loft although today, they were clearly seen to be a bit hesitant to go in, this we could put down to the earlier attack and therefore to see them home was more reassuring.

At the close of day 917 from the original 922 liberated were safe within the lofts a returns rate of 99.45 which will soon be going into the semi-final race from Fuerteventura which itself will provide a new challenge for them when they experience a double island sea.

Team mambo boys England 2nd international flight path back to Tenerife, the date for this will be announced shortly once a clear forecast is available.

As for The Averages …there’s two currently running the first being the grand average “King of sprint”, this is an award from the first to the final race currently in the lead and having been there for a few races is pigeon bolero for team pouw& Willems from the Netherlands with 76417 pts neighbouring nation team Germany are in 2nd with pigeon winslow for team albatal on 72073,team henerikmeldgaard representing team Denmark moves into 3rd with 71159 and with just a few races to including the final there’s still plenty to play for.

Pigeon astoran 3rd international for teamsoepboer

The king of the Atlantic challenge is also underway after three races this is flown for within all island training and hotspot races again including the final race as team England currently hold a strong presence in 1st& 3rdthe leaders being team Oberholster & Brockenhurst with pigeon oh scmi after three races with 29125pts with team murray and mills with their entry hms invincible 3rd on 28520 pts, both these pigeons and syndicates are split the usa entrant frank McLaughlin with his entry cork on 28540.

So as we move into march the final race isn’t too far away now, as we await the semi final and the prospects of having a record number of pigeons going to this year’s final race, but before we can celebrate that,there’s the small matter of completing the semi final a small matter of 230 klm of virtually open waters from start to finish so fingers crossed for good returns for all and a bumper final race entry.

Breaking news!!

A proud proprietor of the Derby ARONA Tenerife one loft race (joseledemsa) overlooking the new improved loft location.

A proud proprietor of the Derby ARONA Tenerife one loft race (joseledemsa) overlooking the new improved loft location.

The Derby ARONA team have announced new plans for the future, with the purchase of a new location for the Derby ARONA one loft race, the area is approx. 30.000 square metres consisting of 360 degrees open views overlooking the popular holiday resorts of los Cristianos and playa las Americas and out across the Atlantic ocean, along with the mountain regions to the rear, it provides an idyllic back drop for the ultimate one loft race.

On visiting the site back in December with Jose and Gladys shortly after they made the purchase we could clearly see and feel the excitement and commitment of the Arona team.

Following a short drive from the current location we were privileged tohave been given an exclusive tourof the area and an insight to the future, in regards to how everything will be located this will include the loft, viewing area and other amenities etc.

Understandably news fanciers are keen to know when all this will be up and running, rest assured works on the new loft will commence as soon as possible, once the ground is cleared and secured and the loft design confirmed.

By making such a strong financial move itclearly goes to show the total commitment and dedication by the Ledesma family by reinvesting and securing the future of the Derby ARONA as one of the major worldwideleaders in one loft races.

Tom harris