Monday, July 13, 2020
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Near to 400 Pigeons just arrived from UK

TOP 3 Winners

Belgiam representatives managing the winners: Pipa Publication:

Derby ARONA 2020 Final Race Full Movie (Releasing + LIVE Arrivals)

Derby ARONA 2020 Final Race Full LIVE Movie (Releasing + Arrivals)

Final Race Derby ARONA Canary Local TV Broadcasting

Afternoon Arrivals:  Derby Arona Team CLICK HERE:

Friday 3rd July BASKETING LIVE!

3 JULY 2020 9:00  Derby Arona Team

📢 280 Km FINAL RACE 2020 on Sunday 5th JULY 2020 Around 8:00 am...

FINAL RACE LIVE TV HERE WEATHER FORECAST:  “Derby Arona” has within brief years established itself as a “World Class” sporting event. Thanks to the realist, the brutally honest fancier who believes in the superiority of his stock and is willing to...

We are online at PIPA! 😘