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Sales LIST | 3rd Party activation

If you are not participating in the race and would like to activate any non activated pigeons, you can place a reserve on any of the non activated pigeons. The first to pay is the first to select pigeons!...

RACE-13 2018 TOP TEN

RACE-13 DATE: 27th Jan 2018 TOP TEN

📢 RACE-17 👌

📢 Ledesma GLOBAL Ltd. is very pleased to announce the RACE-17 (Fitness Training) Derby ARONA 2019. You can follow the arrivals LIVESTREAM & Chatting below in this page!. In the first sea race we will start publishing race movies in...

Video Loft training 21st Nov 2016 YOU CAN WIN THE RACE! - Complete flock loft training today 21st Nov 2016 at Derby ARONA

 ROMANIA: Pregatim al doilea transport pentru Arona Tenerifa Derby 2020!!!

🇷🇴 ROMANIA: Pregatim al doilea transport pentru Arona Tenerifa Derby 2020!!! Ptr columbofilii care doresc sa trimita porumbei la sfarsitul acestei luni: Colectarea se va face in perioada 29-31 august. Pe 1 septmebrie, masina va pleca in Austria, de unde vor...

Race 6 & 7 report by Tom Harris

January and after the two weeks break from training over the xmas period ,which also incorporated the owners and third party activation ,from the 2,530 pigeons that completed the loft orientation period and phase one of the training programme...

Sea race-2+3 report by Tom Harris

Its early February and with the sea races now well a truly underway and all sights on the forthcoming first of three hotspot races where the winning pigeons owner will walk away with one of the new cars, the...


Here we are at the penultimate race of the 2016/17 series with the semi final race from one of the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura, with the 283 pigeons that have overcome every obstacle put before them in regards to...