Monday, July 13, 2020


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Final Race moved to 5th July to welcome International Public!

Latest NEWS from arona: With the relaxation on international travel to and from tenerife planned from 1st july and to accommodate the wishes of those participants who then wish to travel to the island for the final race, The...

📢 2020 Race-18 on 4th Jun 🏁 😲

Ledesma GLOBAL is very pleased to announce a RACE-18 Derby ARONA 2020 approx 50 Km on 4th Jun. You can follow the arrivals LIVESTREAM & Chatting below in this page! Please Sahre Our Events and help to make Derby ARONA...

News about “Restart & Trainings”

Due to enforced restrictions and the suspension of the 2019/20, Derby Arona Tenerife one loft race the Derby Arona team are pleased to announce, the long-awaited restart of this year’s race series shortly. Final Race is planned from...

Final Race 2020 on 28th June

We are waiting NEWS from authorities in order to confirm 100%. We will do the best for the pigeons. They are moulting complete since 2 month ago. GO AHEAD!

📢 2020 Loft Training + Livestream + Chat 15th April 🏁 😲

Dear fellow fanciers and participants, Here in Tenerife, we are still governed by the restrictions placed upon on us by the Spanish government with enforced restricted movement, hence no road training or racing. The derby arona team will be producing livestream...

One more day waiting … 😅


Special Bulletin... due to restrictions imposed by the Spanish government... all training and racing has been suspended, the pigeons will be loft exercised during the current restrictions and will recommence training and racing as soon as possible. “TEAM HOLLAND &...

📣📣📣📣 Derby ARONA Semifinal & Final Race Delayed 😔

📣📣📣📣 Derby ARONA Semifinal & Final Race Delayed 😔 Dear fellow fancier, participants and friends, Considering the recent government announcement, the island of Tenerife (And Whole Spain Territory) come under Spanish government guidelines as follows: With such Spain has announced emergency measures to prevent...