Friday, October 18, 2019


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Car Race-2 report by Tom Harris

Car race two, The best so far. FILIP DE SMEDT 1ST TEAM BELGIUM 1ST INTERNATIONAL PLUS 1ST PRIZE OF A NEW CAR After all the inland and sea training races, the 927 pigeons that remain within the competition were once again on the...

Derby ARONA, by Silvio Mattachione

Jose is successful in many different fields of human endeavor. Beautiful music, beautiful design and beautiful racing pigeons what more could you wish to achieve? Well it would seem that Ledesma is always looking for a challenge. Most men would...

KO Round Survivor list updated!

Derby Arona Team Click here: RESULTS

Gran Canaria Training-2 report by Tom Harris

With the success of the first hotspot race from gran canaria,  resulting in a 60% returns rate and a record in the arona race history, the pigeons were once again on the island of gran canaria at the same...

Car Race-1 + Sea race-4 report by Tom Harris

Its sea race four and following on from the success of the previous three liberations from different stages between the islands of Tenerife and gran canaria, the arona team announce a basketing list of 1,683 pigeons competing over a...

New England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland Shipper/Coordinator

We are glad to wnnounce the appointment of Chris Sutton as new race coordinator for England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland. Contact information: Tel 0044 1530242548 – 0044 7792356330

Sea race-2+3 report by Tom Harris

Its early February and with the sea races now well a truly underway and all sights on the forthcoming first of three hotspot races where the winning pigeons owner will walk away with one of the new cars, the...

Race 11+Sea race-1 report by Tom Harris

Santa Cruz and 1st sea race report 2016 Tuesday 26 th January and the Arona one loft race has reached its final inland race point from the north eastern coast of Tenerife, from the port of Santa Cruz an approx....