Wednesday, February 26, 2020


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Race movies

Dear Participants, This year season we will start making HD quality movies from first Sea Race!  

Sales LIST | 3rd Party activation

If you are not participating in the race and would like to activate any non activated pigeons, you can place a reserve on any of the non activated pigeons. The first to pay is the first to select pigeons!...

Derby ARONA 2016 Trainings 3+4+5

Week two on the island of tenerife and the training programme continues with the lead up to the owners activation and Christmas break. with the 2,606 pigeons once again basketed for training race three an approx distance of 10...

Derby Arona annual magazine 2016


We are supporting Save the Children & Doctors without Borders ONG

This year we have decided to add more meaning to Christmas by starting a monthly donation to Save the Children and Doctors without Borders. Thereby we are supporting the work for children’s rights around the world and Providing Care Around...

Definitely, racing pigeons are my fate!

The big casuality... this week in a short trip to Gran Canary Island, a racing pigeon arrive very closely to me in the vessel just in the moment I was seeing Tenerife Island in the distance. I don't know...

Merry Christmas 2015

Derby Arona Team wish you all the happiness and success you deserve. ¡Merry Christmas!

José Ledesma pointing the TOP Forever

  Experience & intellect Derby ARONA was the big chapter in the book of Jose Ledesma whose desire to reach the summit of Pigeon Racing, began many years ago. Curiosity gave way to desire and finally acquired knowledge, in his quest to create...

Derby ARONA 2016 Training 1+2

THE 2016 DERBY ARONA TENERIFE ONE LOFT RACE STARTS HERE Late November and it's a hive of activity as preparations were being made around the loft for the forthcoming first training race on Dec 2nd, with a record number of...