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1.Qualification TOPTEN

First Qualification Training DATE: 2nd Dec 2015 TOP TEN Click here: COMPLETE RESULTS  

First Qualification Training

Ledesma International is very pleased to announce the beginning of the Derby ARONA 2016. You can follow the arrivals LIVESTREAM & Chatting below in this page! J.Ledesma, Managing Director Derby Arona Team Click here: RESULTS

Alexander Gebel 3. Hot Spot Car race winner 2015

Alexander Gebel wins the race.  

Josef A. Lang Car Race Winner 1.Hot Spot 2014

Mr. Josef A. Lang with his wife Wir.  

Marek & Marcin Rzepka Car Race Winner 3.Hot Spot 2013

Marek & Marcin Rzepka semifinal car winners opted by take money and add theirs to buy a Top Class model.