Friday, July 3, 2020


Derby ARONA race winners section

Josef A. Lang Car Race Winner 1.Hot Spot 2014

Mr. Josef A. Lang with his wife Wir.  

Marek & Marcin Rzepka Car Race Winner 3.Hot Spot 2013

Marek & Marcin Rzepka semifinal car winners opted by take money and add theirs to buy a Top Class model.

William Donachie Car Race Winner 3.Hot Spot 2012

Mr. William Donachie & Family, Car Winner with his activated pigeon "DIAZEPAN"  

Darren Peters Car Race Winner 4.Hot Spot 2011

Darren Peters winner with his pigeon "Fenlands 29". They opted to upgrade the car they won and paid in the difference.

Anatoli Stryzheniuk Car Race Winner 3.Hot Spot 2011

Anatoli Stryzheniuk (UKRANIA) - Pigeon: "Poseidon".