Friday, August 23, 2019
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Luis Miguel Fonseca Marques Car Race Winner 2.Hot Spot 2012

Mr. Luis Miguel Fonseca Marques - Finistral PVC, Car Winner with his pigeon "V I P"

Qualification trainings 1 & 2 Report

  With the ever growing interests worldwide over the past years the doors opened for this year’s entries back in may and with the organisers having once again receiving  a constant flow of pigeons from throughout the world, the doors...

📢 HOT NEWS: Semifinal – CAR RACE-3 230 Km on 14th March (Sprint Race...

📢 HOT NEWS: Semifinal - CAR RACE-3 230 Km on 14th March (Sprint Race on 10th) 😍🏁😎😝

Never stop fighting for your dreams

Never stop fighting for your dreams, that will make it possible not only to reach the top, but also to keep alive the flame lit in your heart. J.Ledesma (May 19, 2018) 


🇭🇺 MAGYARORSZÁG ügynök: Sándor Fenyvesi Tel: +36305104170 A következő Magyarországi szállítás gyűjteménye október 21-én lesz.Szeretném meghívni Önt a Derby Arona 2018/19-re. Csapatként mindössze 220 euró. Nagyszerű esemény lesz, több mint 3000 galamb, 500 az USA-ból és sok más országból. Ha régi galambjaid vannak, semmi probléma,...


Ledesma “Teide GPS Project”

Dear participants, Many years ago I experiemeted with modern day technology with own pigeons by using a gps system on my pigeons developed by myself,...