Derby ARONA 2016 Trainings 3+4+5



Week two on the island of tenerife and the training programme continues with the lead up to the owners activation and Christmas break. with the 2,606 pigeons once again basketed for training race three an approx distance of 10 km and on site in preparation for an advertised time of 9.30 liberation.

With over 100 fanciers and interested parties logging on to the live stream to witness the event, the weather over the island indicated that cloudy conditions were once again present, and with hardly any wind to move this on, the liberation was held up slightly until shortly after 10 am when we were informed that the pigeons were actually air Bourne at 10 am into a light 10 km NNE wind and temperatures increasing as we patiently waited for pigeons to an average 24 degrees.

Team Bacalu Danut & Serafim

At the lofts everything was in place to accept the first arrivals and it was just under twenty minutes that we witnessed the first arrivals overhead as a large number of pigeon circled before pitching on the landing boards, and what a difference a day makes, as in previous training race whilst the pigeons had returned and landed, the trapping had disappointingly let them down but with a slight reduction in feed the day before today’s liberation the pigeon seemed to have cracked the idea of the race and on this occasion landed and entered the loft in seconds, which was a credit to see for the Arona management Team.


After a short wait whilst the computer caught up, due to such a large number entering at one time, the eventual winner was announced and taking pole position was the 2015 Arona hotspot one car winning partnership of Team Bacalu Danut & Serafim with this years entry Fritz for Team Rumania timing in at which was a clear 4 seconds in front of the second arrival “Atlantic” entered by Alexander Gebel for Team Germany at, in 3rd was the Netherlands entrant Team Comb. Mekes-Van Boxmeer with his entry

Alexander Gebel
Alexander Gebel

Mekmeer on, 4th was yet another Netherlands pigeons melodia for another successful fancier over previous years hok m reijnen at, in 5th place was the first arrival for the UK and Ireland Team with Team Rudderfett and Picasso crossing the finishing line at, 6th place is a second arrival for Team Germany with an entry for Team Brinker and pigeon named Karl on, 7th went to Team Mark Buse & Fam with pigeon EMI timing in at, 8th place was claimed by Team Cosvasa & Gah from Rumania with Quincy timing in on, 9th at was the 2012 Arona one loft race finals winning partnership of Jorge Almeida Santos from Portugal with pigeon Ruth and the 10th position went to a second arrival for Alexander Gebel with entry Atlantic-H recording a time of


So we are three training races in and once again the losses were minimal as 2583 entries from the initial 2606 entered were recorded within the loft at nightfall giving a returns rate of 99.11%, yes there was a few adrift but hopefully these are now educated enough to turn in either tomorrow morning.

Mekmeer 2, 3rd for Team Comb. Mekes-van Boxmeer


Thursday 10th December

And the constant training and basket work is starting to show signs of improvement and is clearly visible now to all, in the way the pigeons trapped in race three, so it was once again back into the basket for training race four as advertised in the race schedule with 2,583 pigeons competing.


With an improvement in the weather today the camera was clearly showing blue skies above as a result of a slightly stronger 13lm wind than in previous days, the distance for this race had also increased to a approx distance of 13km and with all eyes on the news of a liberation on line, the usual banter which makes the Arona so enjoyable around the world was ever present on the live stream chat facilities with even more fanciers logging in for the race.

We were informed that the pigeons were once again released at 10 am and were soon on line for home as we sat and waited once again it was the same flying time of the previous race that the pigeons landed in a mass finish as they once bolted through the traps, the eventual winner on this occasion by the narrowest of margins was finally announced, with Team Rumania taking the leading honours image006with fancier Alin Fiera and his entry Annac timing in just a blink in front of the second pigeon entered by Team Piekielko-Kussyk for Team Germany with pigeon Clovis Ii on, in 3rd place was the Netherlands entry pigeon Pituca for Team Cees van Gelder at, just holding off into 4th the Danish arrival for Team Henriksen with pigeon named IS-IS, on, in 5th position it was a second pigeon for Team Rumania on this occasion pigeon named cipy for Team Pisla Daniel & Vintan George arriving at 10.18.58,45, 6th were Team waz of Germany and pigeon Ancient orange on, just a head for the first arrival for Team Uk/Ireland and Team Wales with pigeon named piccaso continuing to hold its current form by remaining in the top ten again in race four in 7th position timing in at, 8th and Team Italy join the top ten with peaches on narrowly holding off pigeon named mekka for fancier guver florin in 9th place at and rounding off today’s top ten is Team England and the avelery flyers syn with their entry blue stefie recording


Clovis li 2nd training race 4 Team Piekielko-Kussyk


As you can clearly see there was hardly any time between today’s Top Ten pigeons and positions and on occasions times were divided by the fourth decimal to decide the outcome of the race,  this was the pattern throughout the leading batches as over 450 pigeons were recorded on the clock in less than a minute from the time of the first entry, and an amazing 2,000 pigeons on the clock in less than ten minutes, just indicating how the trapping and confidence has improved in just four training races, by the close of day just 31 pigeons remained unaccounted for, however were confident that a few of these would of returned before we finish off phase one of the training and take the xmas break, also worthy of a mention was that enhance the transparency of the race the Arona Team announced that after undertaking the daunting task of photographing each pigeon individually these would now be added to each pigeon via the arrivals list on there return for viewing and therefore gives the current owners the opportunity to see how their entries had matured over the past weeks and months.


Team Hok M.Reijnen 1st Training 5
Team Hok M.Reijnen 1st Training 5

Race day 5 sat 12th December and the remaining 2,552 pigeons were race marked for the fifth and final qualification race from a distance of approx 25 km and with a liberation at 10 a.m. into 22 degrees sunny conditions and an light NNE wind, with this being the final race of phase one, prior to activation and all the interest was dually on the returns. for most as this would decide participating Teams for the next stage in the programme and the prospect of activating their pigeons to go on to challenge for the prizes in the forthcoming hotspot races and final event.



As we all viewed patiently for the birds to arrive, it was at 10.25 after 25 min. on the wing the first batch could clearly be seen arriving overhead and after a few seconds, these once again hit the landing board and running for the trapping area.

The winning pigeon on this occasion was the Netherlands entry Marcelo for Hok M.Reijnen timing in at 10.25.46 and with the electronic timing system splitting decimals and calculating the winning pigeon on a time of narrowly ahead of Team Italy and pigeon super million which took the runners up position on, 3rd place went to Erick Muller and Team Germany on with his entry Campus Martius, 4th and second Netherlands pigeon jade for Team Soepboer at

Team Italy pigeon Super Million 2nd Training Race 5
Team Italy pigeon Super Million 2nd Training Race 5

5th was Team Denmark with entry Diane for Team Henricksen on, 6th goes to Team Jorge, Telmo & Miguel from Portugal and pigeon Benny at, 7th and Team Malta with pigeon Siry for Cantarella Seba Rgier Lofts on, Team Croatia with Barbara 1999 takes 8th spot on, just in front of two Rumania pigeons the first being Alexandru 3 for Team Rumania on and pigeon Hungry Eyes for Team Florea Sorin on The honours for the first pigeon in this race went to pigeon Tenerife Tornado for Team DSR timing in at in position 14th.

With 2529 safely home from the 2552 pigeons released these will now be open for owners activation over the next week, for new participants and to remind old entrants this is a one off occasion that you the owner have the opportunity to go forward into phase two and through to the final race with the pigeons you have entered, the owners activation period will commence on mon 14th December and continue through to dec 20th with your first pigeon already paid through your entry fee,  each remaining pigeon/s within your Team will require payment of 220 euro to ensure they stay in your Team name after the 20th dec you therefore lose all exclusive rights to activation and third parties will have the opportunity of purchasing such pigeons which aunt paid for remember “Your loss could be someone else’s gain if you don’t act in time”

With this being the last report of 2015 the Arona Team would like to pass on their Christmas greetings and a successful new years to all of their participants and fanciers from around the world and look forward to recommencing the training programme on Jan 8th.

For the latest news information regarding the owners and third party activation visit the website at

For me I would appreciate if fanciers and syndicates could forward on Team photographs to the Arona Team to be added to your Team profiles, this will aid me in my reports and highlight the success of future winners.

Tom Harris