Derby ARONA 2017 Schedule Report



The last flight has left from the Uk with this years entries to the Derby Arona race 2016/17, in shipment one the consignment of 145 pigeons were reported to have arrived safely at the lofts in good health, followed by shipment two, consisting of a further 171 pigeons which were dispatched on the 12th sept which also were reported to arrived safe and well in Tenerife within 36 hours from departure from the Uk, so in total we are pleased with a Uk entry of 316 pigeons with all considered, competing for an anticipated 1st prize of 120,000 euro in the final race, due to take place on or around 24th march depending on the weather

team uk/Ireland 2nd shipment safely in the loft
team uk/Ireland 2nd shipment safely in the loft

To update and inform old and new participants, there`s just a few weeks before the doors close for entries for this year’s race and at this present time there’s already in excess of 3,000+ pigeons settled within the loft, and a with the derby Arona representatives present and collecting pigeons at the Kassel show and a few shipments still to arrive from around the world, the team have made extra provisions this year by extending the loft to accommodate a further 1,000 pigeons which would give an estimated capacity of 4,000 pigeons in comfort


Once the doors close for entries, the team will take on the daunting task of photographing all the pigeons in the loft, and each syndicate/team will be computer generated their own personnel account system which will consist of a unique password that enables them to view not only their financial situation, during the coming months, but also provide in depth information charts regarding each of the fanciers pigeons and performances throughout the coming racing and training program, and

Later on will also included a pooling system which will add that extra excitement and enjoyment as the training progresses.


After weeks and for some months of regular exercise around the lofts, from the first week of December the training will get underway and like anywhere else in the world, this will commence from short distances at first and slowly progress to the northern areas of Tenerife, its also worth reminding fanciers that after the first five training races have been completed, from dec 12th to the 22nd owners/entrants have a unique opportunity of paying and activating any pigeons that remain within their teams after your first entry which is paid through the entry fee ,this will cost per pigeon 220 euro and will ensure that the pigeons remain within the entrants /syndicate team and compete for any further prize monies thereafter, after such time and over the xmas break, third party activation will come into effect this will run from the said date of 22nd dec and end on Jan 8th, this gives outside parties the opportunity of activating any unpaid pigeons at the same price 220 euro per pigeon and therefore from this period will take over ownership and competing for prizemonies from then on, so entrants are advised to activate their pigeons at the earliest opportunity during the said allotted times to avoid any disappointment.


On or around the 10th jan the training will recommence at various distances on a regular basis and upon reaching the port of Santa Cruz a distance of approx 60klm, from there on the pigeons will adventure out to sea, for a number of mid Atlantic training liberations between the two islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria on reaching the island of Gran Canaria the first of three car races will take place, and it’s from these island liberations that mind over matter and bravery comes into play, as the pigeons face their biggest obstacle of being liberated on land and have to adventure out into open waters to return home to the island of Tenerife.

450 Pigeons first shipment from Slovakia, Czech republic, Austria
450 Pigeons first shipment from Slovakia, Czech republic, Austria


After completing the first island crossing and other various training flights hotspot 2 and second car race gets underway from the eastern coast of Gran canaria (approx 135klm),before heading over to Fuerteventura or the possibility of a mid sea liberation from a distance of approx 230 klm for the semi final and car race number three,

Between the semi final and the final race its up to the organizers discretion if any further training is required to maintain a fitness level prior to the final race and will come into effect if required at the time to ensure the pigeons are in the best health, fitness and condition to overcome the final race.

With all the training completed its time to prepare the pigeons remaining, for the final race from Fuerteventura approx 300 klm its from here on it where the derby Arona one loft race differs from any other one loft race in the world,as the pigeons now have to face two open stretches of the Atlantic ocean between Fuerteventura and gran canaria and a second flight between gran canaria and Tenerife to return to the loft and awaiting crowds which will be gathered on the final race day at the lofts to witness the arrivals and congratulate the winners of the major prizemonies on offer .

On the Saturday evening following the race, everyone will once again come together for the presentation evening when trophies and awards will be presented to their respected winners.


So with a race plan in place and hopefully everyone informed of what will take place over the following weeks and months, we hope now that everyone will sit back and enjoy the DERBY ARONA ONE LOFT RACE 2017. Via the regular reports in the fancy press, the live stream facility and of course the website at

Tom harris