Derby Arona Final 2022


Dear participants, once again the Derby Arona Final proved to be a testing affair. But this Is the Derby Arona one, of the most testing races in the world.

Since the arrival of the 40 bravest and gallant pigeons that we’ve profiled during the final race week. We’ve waited patiently for more returning pigeons but to date just two additional pigeons have returned the first being pigeon “Cutty Shark” from the Netherlands on day nine followed by pigeon “My Mistake 2” from England on day 15. A little disappointing after overcoming one of the best training programs we’ve ever provided leading up to the final race.

But this is what makes the Derby Arona so Inviting, a race were some of the best pigeons from around the world gather to take on the mighty task of the ATLANTIC Ocean. And all that stand in their way “To be The Best you need to beat The Best over the most testing routes” a race where second best isn’t an option.

We will continue to fulfill our commitment to our participants by monitoring the loft daily and report any further returnees if and when they come via our results page.