📌 2022 ENDURANCE RACE-1 😉 (Nominations Open)


Ledesma GLOBAL Ltd. is very pleased to announce the “Gran Canaria ENDURANCE RACE-1” International Derby ARONA 2022 on 5th March (IF WEATHER).

You can follow the arrivals LIVESTREAM & Chatting below in this page! In the first Sea Race we will start publishing race movies in every race.

STATEMENT: As was announced during the activation period, we the Derby Arona Team agreed, we would continue to send the unactivated venture pigeons and review some sort of allocation to those who suffered dearly in this year’s survival race, as a good will gesture and to maintain participants interest in this year’s campaign, who would otherwise find themselves excluded as the series goes on with the race now flown and with the race once again taking its toll for some with approx 50% returns which is slightly up percentage wise on previous years may we add. We find ourselves with limited availability to gift everyone with a replacement so as such we have reviewed the competitors who have suffered the most from the survival race and assigned “Second Chance” venture pigeons firstly based on the most severe losses by anyone team working down the list until all birds are allocated. The survival race for many year has been the pinical race of the series, a race that from any distance for the first time across the Atlantic would be recognized as a survival race but with limited distances on the island of Tenerife flying between islands and overcoming the fear of flying over open waters are what makes the “Derby Arona” one loft race so unique. The introduction of venture pigeons for the first time in the Arona history was solely to aid participants who for logistical reasons were unable to send pigeons from their respected countries due to Covid regulations etc to be a part of the 2021/22 series. The addition of venture pigeons in future years Is something that will reviewed and looked upon by the Arona Team on a year by year basis.

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Good luck!

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J.Ledesma, Managing Director
Derby Arona Team