Naviera Armas ferry, used for mid seas transport.

Dear participants,

We would like to update you on the current situation here in the canary islands.

Last week we published our plans  to make two sea liberations on Thursday  this week and Thursday next, however after making contact with the ferry company regarding confirming the  bookings the only option they can offer us is the 15.00 sailing from Port Sant Cruz de Tenerife to Gran Canaria, this if fanciers recall is what we done in the  last series and suffered several losses and unrest, as some felt it was too late in the day to stage such a race, which in hindsight we must agree.

Therefore to avoid the same consequences this year we have had to  revise our plans once again to overcome the situation as  follows:

This week, we will continue with island training as of Wednesday 60 klm followed by the new liberation site to the extreme north of Tenerife a distance of 70klm on Friday, with more liberations planned for next week from similar distances  depending on the weather, this will then be follow  by the step over the Atlantic to Gran Canaria for the first hotspot (survival) race a distance of 100klm.

This is the first time the Arona has made such a change to the Program so we are unfortunately in some what “Unkown Territory”, but this is something we find we cannot avoid. But with additional training fitness and education leading up to the crossing, we believe it is the right choice.

It’s also reassuring to hear that our decision to make such alterations also falls in line with the local federations who are also adopting the same sort of race plan due to ferry restrictions, with multiple training flights on the island followed by the step across to Gran Canaria.

We are once again thankful that we are able to make such alterations at this stage of the race  to ensure the ultimate enjoyment to our participants whilst ensuring the welfare of the pigeons we have under our management. 

Arona Team