Letter from Fred McCluskey (Team Well Wag 2.Price Final Race)


1410Dear Friends at Derby Arona, may I first congratulate Beniamin Neag for a wonderful performance taking 1st and 6th in the Final. Truly outstanding.
Also Mark Gilbert has had an outstanding series of races, always prominent and taking a very creditable 3rd Prize in the Final with an overall 5 on the result, as is usual for Mark : Top class.

May we pass on our thanks to Lorenzo Van Russel as WW Mayaguana is clearly a bird with fantastic breeding, also a credit to the 3rd Party Activation system run at Derby Arona.
Truly the best 220 Euros we have ever spent !!

We at Well Wag enjoy each year but I think that the training and overall racing this year has been a credit to a truly outstanding team of people who run Derby Arona. 2016 has been the best yet and all looks very good for the future.

The Well Wag team has only 1 Pigeon Fancier amongst us, we have Scottish, Welsh, English living in places such as Texas, the Bahamas, Edinburgh and the NE of England. Such is the enjoyment of Derby Arona that we all look forward to Xmas each year when we can look for our next Activations.

Jose, you and your family make Derby Arona what it is .. TRULY Exceptional.

Thank You and Enjoy the Evening

Yours in Sport

Fred McCluskey