News about “Restart & Trainings”

😘 Due to enforced restrictions and the suspension of the 2019/20, Derby Arona Tenerife one loft race the Derby Arona team are pleased to announce, the long-awaited restart of this year’s race series shortly. Final Race is planned from Fuerteventura on sun 28th June.
😅 The Derby Arona Team has been in total compliance to all local and national restrictions imposed throughout the Spanish boundaries to contain Covid-19 and protect public health whilst maintaining the welfare and condition of the pigeons which are fit and well and ready to proceed. All additional effort from Derby Arona Team to recover the pigeon’s shape and guaranteed the good Semifinal + Final race for the pigeons.
Trainings will recommence with two island training races prior to an additional race from Gran Canaria prior to the Semi-Final and big bonanza of the Final from Fuerteventura Island.
We appreciate your patience during such and wish you success in the final events.
Jose ledesma, Derby 😉