Race 6 & 7 report by Tom Harris

January and after the two weeks break from training over the xmas period ,which also incorporated the owners and third party activation ,from the 2,530 pigeons that completed the loft orientation period and phase one of the training programme...

7.Training TOP TEN

Training 7 DATE: 13th Jan 2016 TOP TEN Click here: COMPLETE RESULTS

Training 7

Ledesma International is very pleased to announce the 7.Training Derby ARONA 2016. You can follow the arrivals LIVESTREAM & Chatting below in this page! J.Ledesma, Managing Director Derby Arona Team Click here: RESULTS & BASKETING

6.Training TOP TEN

Training 6 DATE: 8th Jan 2016 TOP TEN Click here: COMPLETE RESULTS

Race movies

Dear Participants, This year season we will start making HD quality movies from first Sea Race!