William Donachie Car Race Winner 3.Hot Spot 2012

Mr. William Donachie & Family, Car Winner with his activated pigeon "DIAZEPAN"  

Luis Miguel Fonseca Marques Car Race Winner 2.Hot Spot 2012

Mr. Luis Miguel Fonseca Marques - Finistral PVC, Car Winner with his pigeon "V I P"

Darren Peters Car Race Winner 4.Hot Spot 2011

Darren Peters winner with his pigeon "Fenlands 29". They opted to upgrade the car they won and paid in the difference.

Anatoli Stryzheniuk Car Race Winner 3.Hot Spot 2011

Anatoli Stryzheniuk (UKRANIA) - Pigeon: "Poseidon".

Team UK Invitation Car Race Winner 2.Hot Spot 2011

Persons on photo (From left to right) is Pieter Oberholster,Egan Oberholster(Son), Netanya Oberholster and Nev Proctor. Werner Bronkhorst and F Smit could not be present as they are in South Africa. Team UK Invitation...