Pre-Selection Training and Activation Round-up Report



Derby Arona Tenerife One loft race

Pre-selection training and activation round-up


With the 2019 Derby Arona well underway and following the good start from training races 1& 2 we`re at the race three stage now a little further out but essential to ensure the pigeons are confident to be released in large numbers from various points away from the loft and return.

With race three the distance is now up to the 10klm mark. and with the 3,245 pigeons which safely overcome the first outings again basketed they were liberated at 10 am in a light 13klm north easterly breeze with blue skies and temperature of around 20 degrees at the time of liberation slowly increasing

With the livestream and social media once again playing a leading role in the transparency of the race with live pictures being streamed to all watching, as expected it wasn’t too long before the first arrivals were seen approaching again a small breakaway batch of around six to ten pigeons deemed to have headed straight for home whilst the remainder of the convoy orientated a little longer at the race point.

Pigeon Dijon 1st international tr3 for team comb brands Netherlands

Taking the top honour of 1st international we go to team Netherlands with team comb brands entry Dijon in pole position with a registered arrival time of,team Germany take the runner up position for 2nd international with pigeon quizzigal for team Robert hardt being just pipped at the post on


Team England take the next two positions as team trainspotters takes the 3rd place with pigeon named mallard entering the loft after a moment of hesitation on just ahead of fellow countrymen team g & g termo boys in 4th with their entry Sheffield blade,for 5th international we go to Belgium with two arrivals the first

Pigeon quizzigal 2nd international tr3

Being team penne, roleandtblancqueart with pigeon chispa on whilst team bartgeerinckx with pigeon jody comes home for 6th on team wales and the 2019 welsh national winners syndicate take the 7th international position with pigeon billy on the clock,just holding off the challenge by a pigeon named nina which has already made a few appearances in the top 10 this year for family stevyers giving team Belgium their third pigeon in the top ten today with a time of in 8th, team waldermar park from Germany takes the 9th spot with pigeon named Fergie on resulting in team England finalising the top ten position for race 3 as team m&b with pigeon princess sumo timing in at

Team train spotters and pigeon Mallard England 3rd international tr3
Team train spotters and pigeon Mallard England 3rd international tr3

With the distance being just 10klm its expected that following the first arrivals the main batches wouldn’t be far behind but on this occasion their seemed to be a bit of gap until the next pigeons were seen. a little daunting at this stage with only 200plus pigeons recorded after ten minutes for reasons unknown maybe a bird of prey in the area we will not know. but thankfully when they started to make their appearance they came In there hundreds and thousands,  to the relief of the arona team and all participants,  with everyone a little more relaxed within an hour of the first arrival there was now 3,00 pigeons on the clock and with more arrivals during the afternoon and following morning this brought the returns rate for race day 3 to a satisfying 99.33%

Team tarebedi Lanzarote and pigeon Eugene 1st international tr4
Team tarebedi Lanzarote and pigeon Eugene 1st international tr4


With a day’s rest, the team yet again underwent the process of re basketing the 3,124 inmates for the 4th of the first five initial training races, moving out to the 15klm liberation point abel again got them away as planned at 10am in a moderate 19 degrees and light n.n.east wind

Pigeon book hunin2 maria & Hubert bramkamp Germany 2nd international tr4

With the birds airborne and on their way, their seemed to be no hesitation today as the leading birds came via a more direct route with the leading batch covering the distance in just twenty minutes and with a good trap taking the honour of 1st international tr4 we go to the neighbouring island of Lanzarote with pigeon eugene entered by team tarabedi Lanzarote claiming the top spot with a time of,team Germany again appear in the top flight in 2nd with team maria and Hubert bramkamp and pigeon book huning 2 beaten into 2nd by the narrowest of margins for 2ndwit a time of,team England and m,b lofts move up the table from their recent 10th position in tr3 with pigeon princess sumo again flying high today for 3rd international recording a time of,a few seconds ahead of team Poland in 4th as pigeon wild romance for team smge,rumik,krzystof crosses the line on,team gebr, vieberink from the Netherlands makes it a truly international affair as the fifth different country taking the top spots as their pigeon sensation 795 comes in for 5th international, on,a second arrival for team England with team wild bill and pigeon jj takes the 6th spot on 10. 22.05.15,  team klass& son from Germany records their second country arrival with pigeon dark touch today taking 7th international, team hungary move into the top ten on this occation with 8th international position going to team Hannibal with their entry manicka with a time of,holding off the challenge of team fam stevyers from Belgium who are flying a consistent team so far in the 2019 series as another of their entries Marieke keep them in amongst the leaders for 9th on, whilst team England and team sk Bostock round off a good day for their nation with their entry steves boy taking the 10th international position and rounds off todays top 10 results.

Team m b lofts England 3rd international with pigeon princess sumo
Team m b lofts England 3rd international with pigeon princess sumo

With yet another good training race under their belts the pigeons are now starting to put it together as they get into there daily training and feeding routine the arona team again announce another near 100 percent returns ratio as 99.8% of the loft were recorded going forward into the fifth and final pre selection training programme of 2019

Were nearly there, before the xmas break and activation period we have one one last pre training event to overcome this is now at the 20 klm with the 3,118 pigeons still participating.

On this occasion we were fortunate to be in Tenerife for this one and as planned made our way to the lofts to sit and admire the sights of the pigeons returning, on our arrival abel was just departing on route to the liberation site, with the usual warm welcome from joseon our arrival,  we met up with fellow English fancier joseph doorning from Preston who not a participant this year was at the loft to see the race.

With a dark isolated cloud lingering over the loft and village of guassa, we had confirmation that the birds were liberated at 11am and with a light tail wind we sat patiently and awaited the first arrivals,  with everyone watching out for the first sightings, a batch of around hundred or so pigeons was soon spotted high up and barely visible racing for home and over the final approach diving for the trap on the first fly past five pigeons pitched and swiftly entered the loft taking pole position representing team England we have paul smith syndicate with pigeon pauls gold crossing the line to take the 1st international position on a time of

Team paul smith with pigeon pauls gold 1st England 1st international tr5
Team paul smith with pigeon pauls gold 1st England 1st international tr5

For 2nd international we stay within the uk with team wales as team tom & Gaynor take the runner up position with their entry dun dun coming in on, team Henricks from Denmark entry happy comes home to take the 3rd spot holding off the challenge for the german team of maria and Hubert brankamp with their entry book huning 2 once again in amongst the leaders in 4th with a time of,it’s a first arrival in the top ten for team czech republic with team koan and pigeon yva coming home on for 5th resulting in team Belgium taking 6th with pigeon eldmar for team madoann on,for 7th international we go to eastern Europe as team Russia and team olr Moskov pigeon dealer makes a time of, another new nation in the top runnings takes 8th international as Cordoba and team Zoran rakovic pigeon twobewon crosses the line on 11 21. 9th we go to the Netherlands and once again its pigeon Dijon for team comb brands appears on the leader board with a time of,as team klass comes in for team germany with pigeon guildo on finishing the top ten

Team tom & Gaynor 1st wales 2nd international pigeon dun-dun tr5
Team tom & Gaynor 1st wales 2nd international pigeon dun-dun tr5

Being at the loft and experiencing the returns, its clear to see that abel, dani and all involved now have the pigeons working and trapping well as within no time of the first pigeons the skies above was a mass of pigeons all enjoying what they have just experienced and too the delight of all going into the activation period and two weeks break everything seems to be moving in the right direction for and enjoyable further training and racing programme ahead

Team Henricks Denmark 3rd international tr5 with pigeon “happy”
Team Henricks Denmark 3rd international tr5 with pigeon “happy”



King of sprint averages

This is a competition where points are awarded on the positions gained from the first to the last race and as we complete the first five races leading the averages is the Netherlands pigeon Dijon for team comb brands with a total of 15,234 pts in 2nd is team Germany and pigeon danny entered by team osika and 3rd is the Lanzarote and tr4 winner Eugine for team tarebedi from Lanzarote this will no doubt alter as the weeks and months progress.

With 3,059 pigeon from the initial starting numbers of 3,199 pigeons safely experiencing and overcoming their first few training flightswe go into the owners activation period which is a unique time when all participants get to activate their reserve pigeons, remembering some have been on the island for an number of months they are well settled, therefore it’s a time to repay them for doing what is asked, at a rate of 220 euro per pigeon such payments ensure that they remain within your team for the entire race series and the chance to compete in the future hotspot races and ultimate goal of the final and the 120,000 1st euro prize,  pigeons not activated by their owners will soon be offered to outside interests and therefore any future prizes won by the pigeons will be rewarded to their new owners, so act quick to avoid disappointment.

To round off the first five training races, these are there for fanciers to be confident in their selection they have made when sending pigeons to Tenerife,  the derby aronaare unique and transparent for all participants they don’t ask for each pigeon to be paid for on entry like most one loft races, only to be potentially lost on settling in therefore you lose your payment,  you only pay for pigeons which have overcome the early settling in period and early training sessions.. From jan 9th we will commence future training from here on in the distance will become greater as the liberations move there way towards the north of the island taking in the rouged terrain that the volcanic island offers, prior to departure from santacruz for the first off shore liberations, all this in is line with the firt liberation and hotspot race from the island of gran canariawhere 3 hotspot races (survival race ) will be held from and new endurance race. Which will bring us to a close in the ultimate challenge from the furthest point of Fuerteventura for the final race on march 28th

Whilst all of the above was in motion the arona team once again provided its entrants with the first pictures of their entries with over 3000 pigeons and 3,000 eyes to match to each pigeon for some its been over six months since they shipped their team to Tenerife, so its no doubt pleasing to see how they have developed and matured in the warm canarian sun,

With all activations now in full swing, it’s a time to possibly top up your teams or make additions this is simply done by means of payment and email with the mc number which accompanies all pigeons entered,  from the list of non-activated pigeons (once listed) its is advisable to choose two or three as the system isn’t live it’s a manual process therefore others may have already emailed showing interests in the same pigeons you have chosen.

We take a short break now as the Ledesma`s like all families at this time of year spend quality time celebrating the Christmas and new year period, and we will welcome you all back to the trills and excitement of the DERBY ARONA TENERIFE one loft race early January

See you all in 2020!!!