Psychological recovery


Dear Participants,
after last tough race from Gran Canaria, we wish to inform particiapants that over the past days we have made three unoffical training flights from a distance of approx 30 km. in order to make a Psychological recovery. We feel It is important to remember the three cardinal requirements of a pigeon to win: it must be fit and healthy, have genetic quality, and be motivated. If the bird is fit, healthy and of quality, then it is relatively straightforward to get it to home what makes it a winner is its keenness to return.
This is why, on the Tenerife Islands, fanciers provide each other with the world’s toughest competition, so much effort is put into our care and the need to increase motivation on subsequent races.
Up to now regrettably no more pigeons have returned from the CAR RACE-1.
As ever we will publish the basketing list on monday.

J.Ledesma – Derby ARONA Team