Qualification Races 1,2,3 2018/19 Report


The 2018/19 Derby ARONA ONE LOFT RACE.
Campaign begins on the island of Tenerife.

It’s the 4th of Dec and for many fanciers around the world all their focus is now directed on the smallcanarian island of Tenerife just a few hundred klm off the African coast for the start of the 2018 derby ARONA Tenerife one loft race.

With 3,632 pigeons now settled and exercising daily around the loft after coming through the initial isolation and settling period training was now underway,basketing took place that morning not to stress the pigeons overnight being the first time in baskets and driven a few klm`s from the loft under the watchful eye of the loft management team headed by abel Ledesma who again in his roll as convoyer once again.

ABEL LEDESMA once again in control of the liberations and loft management at the derby ARONA.

Once on site and with the livestream up and running which was again attracting many fancier, who on race days enjoy the moment to chat and banter whilst awaiting any news of the liberation etc.
And as a result of so many new fanciers on board this year it was pleasing to see some had logged in and introduced themselves and welcomed by everyone, present, with a clear blue sky clearly shown on the live cam which again was directed on the trapping system and the approach to the loft, we received information that the pigeon would be away at 12 noon as jose and Gladys prepared themselves to welcome them home from their first of many outings.
Over the coming weeks we will as always concentrate on the leading top 10 pigeons in each of the races and as the series progresses we will alsostart to include the various averages challenges as they unfold highlighting pigeons which are starting to return consistently in the top ace pigeon averages and the ARONA Grand Average Ace International “King of the Atlantic” once it commences.

It was just a few minutes later that the first arrivals could be seen circling above the area and after a short while and be joined bay a few more the first arrivals landed on the trapping board and loft roof adjacent and without hesitation swiftly made their way in to record their arrival.

So with racing underway we start with race day 1 and Taking pole position with 1stuk 1st international we go to team England as team lincssynnamelypaul and tracey Stacey competing as new participants in their first race in the derby ARONA claim top spot with their entry holtham recording the time of

Team Hagerman & van acker from the Netherlands 2nd international race 1.

Team Hagerman & van acker from the Netherlands takes 2nd international with pigeon named triple blue white on as you could imagine with so many pigeons coming from such a short distance at the same time it was going to be decimals separating the times as in 3rd we go to Poland as Tomasz wiczling and pigeon times in at,for 4th its second arrivals for team Netherlands as team mega and lowlands pigeon mega Nancy on,just ahead of team Germanys in 5th with their first arrival for team Hendrik wilpers pigeon vanbeele timed in on, team Switzerland take the 6th spot as pigeon ester for team alpenjager came in at, resulting in team walteragler from Germany with pigeon benny claiming the 7thposition on,Super Team Quix Jos & Sandra claim the 8th place as Belgium record their first arrival with pigeon tarzan coming home on, for 9th international it’s a third arrival for team Netherlands with team hagerman and van acker claiming a second of their entries in the top ten positions with pigeon desire on,and finaly in 10th we see fransisco Gutierrez from Sevilla, completes the leading pigeons today as his entry nice zorro on a time of

Tomasz wiczling Poland 3rd international race 1 & 1st international race 3.

The derby ARONA race is now underway for 2018 and everyone on livestream witnessed it was a pleasure to see the masses of pigeons arriving and going straight into the loft, something the team have been working on over the past few weeks to enable them to control such large numbers, so well done to them for their patience it clearly seemed to pay off today.
Over the following minutes and hours, the skies over the small village of guazza were engulfed with pigeons in various size batches on their return home and too the delight of the derby ARONA team after speaking to jose is a very stressful time for all concerned when the pigeons go away from the loft for the first time they were pleased to see such great returns as 98.78 % homing safely and no doubt a few more will appear on the result the second day once they have realised there mistakes.

Over the forthcoming days the pigeon will be move further away from the loft to various distances so its back in the basket in 48 hours for training race 2 when once again we hope to see you all logged in to witness the ARONA experience.

Race day 2 and the 3590 pigeons which overcome training race 1 today they have gone a few extra kilometres further approx. 5klm from the loft, with the pigeons basketed the night before liberation this will provide additional experience and settle them to a routine before each flight.

Race day 2
The weather today showed a little cloud with temperatures reaching a moderate 25 degrees with a light easterly wind, with the birds on site earlier than the previous race the team were able to settle them and get them away at 10.30 am, as again we were experiencing a lot of activity on the chat and live stream page as we awaited the first sightings of pigeons returning.

It was just a few minutes after liberation that the first arrivals landed on the loft and again without hesitation the leading pigeons crossed the line taking 1st international and making their first impact on the race was pigeon named dona for team bbl representing the USA at, for the second race running once again team Netherlands had to settle for 2nd place again asteam Pouw& willemswith pigeon named bolero was just pipped at,in 3rd we go to team Poland again maintaining their recent performance on this occasion it was team Wiolettai Zbigniew Mitrega with their pigeon pondidzie with a time of, team usa record their second country arrival for 4th on as team usa 1 record their pigeon twin sisters.

Team Wiolettai Zbigniew Mitrega POLAND 3rd international race 2.

Team Doldersum from the Netherlands claims the 5th spot with their entry libertys ride narrowly holding off the challenge from team Germany who take the 6th place as pigeon rock steady for Team Maria & Hubert Bramkamp comes in on,just ahead of fellow countryman rolf berger in 7thwith his pigeon mausie10.43.23.86, local fancier Eduardo Cristo Santiesteban Luna from the neighbouring islands of Fuerteventura takes the 8th position with his entry blue wave recording an arrival time of whilst team Czech republic make their 1st team appearance in the top ten today as pigeon anna for team rehak times in at,whilst taking the 10th position it’s a third arrival for team Netherlands with pigeon welkonuden 5 coming home for team welkonuden
As always ilmention the first uk pigeon for local fanciers and interested partiesif not in the top ten.

On this occasion new participants team Gallagher with pigeon she’s electric takes 12th international on a time of .

Once again as the times show the pigeons came fast and furious has many pigeons landed in large batches but in these early stages this is what we look for, and pleasing to see, as once on the landing board they again made a swift entry into the loft, by 11am most of the pigeons had returned as over 3,000 were showing on the clock, and whilst a small number were enjoying the fly around the loft on their return which is understandable due to the short distance they had just covered, this on these early occasions will do them no harm.

As night fell 3,553 (98.96%) of the pigeons were safely perched leaving just a small number unaccounted for, but like experience tells there will always be a few who on liberation head off in the wrong direction, but no doubt once again there will be returning to the loft on the second day.

So were moving on swiftly with the pre training programme with the third training race in less than a week as we reach the halfway point in the first qualification stage onsat dec 8th from a distance of 10 klm.

With the 3,563 pigeons that returned from the previous adventure again re basketed a time consuming job I expect to say the least, Able and co were again on the road for an anticipated 10.30 am liberation.

With a clear blue sky, temperatures around 22 degrees and a light 11klm north easterly breeze the strings were cut and the birds away at 10.35.

As the pigeons orientated at the liberation site, At the loft we see visitors had arrived to sit it out with the ARONA team waiting for the pigeons return.

After just eighteen minutes the first few pigeons a small batch considering,were clearly seen approaching and upon landing whist they hesitated on the loft roof for a moment or two more pigeons soon arrived and as such on landing they all made their way in, over the next few minutes larger batches were soon upon us and as the computer generated the resultit was finally announced that, taking the top spot and appearing in the top flight once again after taking 3rd in race 1 is pigeon Frans Junior for team Poland entered by Tomasz wiczling recording its arrival at,by the narrowest of margins in 2nd we have team usa who are already making their mark on the race with pigeon panhandle slim for Team Prospector Loft & Krug on, for 3rd its one of our own as team englands syndicate team hope and glory and pigeon harry kane crossed the line on, just ahead of team Hungary in 4thteam Molnos Janos entry jani with a time of 10.54.41,30, we return to team usa as two pigeons for them came in for 5th and 6th as pigeon perfect copy for team genesis loft syn and twin sisters 3 for team usa 1 recorded times of and 1054.42.,we go to team wales for 7th as pigeon janny for team wales and syn Rhondda rockets made a time of,just holding off the challenge by the second arrival for team Poland with pigeon touch of gold for team Andrzej Jankowski on,syn Team IFJ Ferge Miklos Jr.fromhungary who had a good 2017/18 campaign returns once again this year with one of his team coming to the top flight in 9th as pigeon owl was on the clock on,and finaly in 10th we go to Belgium with team Team Petra & John Smits and pigeon helma rounding off the top ten on a time of

Luckyspill from Belgium at the lofts on race day 3 to see the arrivals.


Team Prospector Loft & Krug from the usa 2nd international race 3.

With the top ten covered we are pleased to see the satisfaction shown by the participants and viewers on livestream as to the condition and trapping, the management team have been able to maintain within the lofts as they continue with their daily routineto ensure the wellbeing of all within, this is clear as by nightfall 3512 pigeons were perched with a 98.56 % rate.
With three races flown yes not great distances granted but there has to be a starting point and winner in each race, and as such the ace pigeon averages is up and running currently in the lead with 10,682 points we have welsh supreme lofts (ken Darlington) slightly ahead of the field with pigeon supreme gold narrowly ahead of today’s winner frans junior for Tomasz wiczling from Poland on 10,677,just three points ahead of team Eduardo Cristo Santiesteban Luna and pigeon blue wave from the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura in 3rd on 10.674,.

WELSH SUPREME LOFTS (ken Darlington) currently 1st ace.

With two more pre-qualification races to go before the xmas break we must remind participants that as of 13th December owners qualification opens and will remain open untildec 21st in between such time each owner will have the one chance opportunity of activating their reserve pigeons and by such they remain within their respective teams for the future racing, this is based on a fee of 220 euro per reserve pigeon, after such period then the doors will open for third party activation a process of allowing outside interested parties to become part of the ARONA race, by such they have the opportunity of paying the fee for any unpaid pigeons and therefore go on to claim ownership for the future races and claim any winnings even the final prize of 120,00 euro which could be wonby a third party activation pigeon,.
Something to remember at such time is these pigeons have overcome months of loft exercise the, and by then five pre-qualification training races, so its time to have faith in your entry selection and keep them within your team.

During the break when everyone can relax over the Christmas holidays rest assured the pigeons will be loft exercised daily and cared for in the same manner by the loft management team and ready to restart in the new year, whilst this is going on the administration team will take on the challenge of activation requests, so whilst it’s a little free time for the pigeons and a break from basket work the team will continue to work behind the scenes on your behalf to complete what is required.
For me With so many new participants this year and to enable us to highlight your performance it would be good if we could have a team photo for the reports, please forward to the ARONA team.

Dates for the diary.
Dec 11 -21st Owners activation.
22nd Dec -7th Jan third party activation.
Jan 8th Racing recommences (island racing).
26 Jan – 6 Feb Sea Trainings (3 races if weather).
9-12 Feb CAR RACE-1 95 km G.Canaria – SURVIVAL RACE.
23-25 Feb CAR RACE-2 135 km G.Canaria.
7-10 Mar SEMIFINAL CAR RACE-3 230 km Fuerteventura or Sea Race Between Islands.

March 29th weather permitting FINAL RACE DAY.

Tom harris