😎 Report: 2021 SEMIFINAL RACE


Team Shropshire Syn England

1st International SemiFinal

(Hotspot 3)

We’re now at the series stage of this year’s Derby Arona Tenerife one loft race as we head towards the final, with the fourth and final visit to the island of Gran Canaria for the semi-final race a distance of 125klm of both land and seas, a race that when completed will see some of the bravest and challenging team of pigeons that has overcome recent weeks and months of vigorous training and racing events.

With 269 pigeons basketed and loaded and with the basketing list published they were again travelling north along the TF1 motorway in the familiar direction of Porta Santa Cruz for the late afternoon sailing to Gran Canaria, following the sailing and after a short journey from west to east of the island it was confirmed the pigeons had arrived safely and with water applied, they were left to settle overnight in preparation from the liberation the following morning.

Race day, and with a warm blue canarian sky and a light to moderate north easterly breeze Abel was happy to release the convoy at 08.15, following the liberation it wasn’t long that we learnt that the pigeons had as a batch cleared the area around the lib site in the direction of home .

The winning pigeon Denman 10 (Cheq) heading for the trap.

At the loft, interest was again present as over 100 viewers had logged in via the livestream and with more using various social media outlets, we all sat patiently to receive today’s brave warriors of the seas back home and duly confirm their place in the final race from Fuerteventura and hopefully go on to win this year’s final race 1st prize of 50,000 e.

With a light tail wind with more North becoming apparent over the open waters it was on 1 hour 30 min that we welcomed the first and leading pigeons.

Team Shropshire Syn England 1st International hotpot 3 semi-final with pigeon Denman 10

Taking 1st International 1st UK and winners of this year’s semi-final race and the 6,000 euro cash prize and the semi-final winner’s trophy, we go to team England with team Shropshire and their pigeon Denman 10 confirming its arrival at, ironically this is the first time for this pigeon appeared within the first hundred leading positions during this year’s series and what a time to do it, so well done to them, taking the runner up position we go to the nation of Columbia with pigeon marcial Luis entered by Team Club Cafe de Columbia claiming the 1,000 euro prize with a time of, whilst piping team Polska entry Chichi for team Arkadiusz Buttner into 3rd with just a second dividing them on and on doing so claims 750e for its efforts, team Scotland take 4th international as pigeon Chloe Dolle for team Soar Alba claims the first of the 220 euro prizes for positions 4th to 10th with a time of, its pleasing as a worldwide event to see team USA in amongst the winners with 5th international on this occasion after the initial journey their entries have to make via quarantine and other restrictions prior to heading to the island were sure it makes it all worthwhile for them to see one of their own amongst the leaders as team Hollywood Lou lofts with pigeon Alegeria times in on, Jurgen Stefaniszyn from Germany takes 6th international with their pigeon Eldiego crossing the line on, holding the locla Lanzarote entry Krugar of team Colombia, Cuba & Lanzaro into 7th with, team Belgium take 8th with team P.E.C. & Batenburg and pigeon Fiama coming home on, and on doing so holds the Wales Syn of Men of Gwent entry Somerset Girl which has shown some consistency lately in 9th on, Mr. & Mrs. A Gregson of England puts claim to the final top ten position and final 220 euro prize with their entry No No Jo Jo again another pigeon showing form timing on at

Pigeon Marcial Luis for Team Club Cafe de Columbia 2nd International hotspot 2

As in all hotspot races, pigeons from 11th to 20th are also rewarded with a share of the prize pot and these were as follows, 11th team Veenstra pigeons Raven on, Team Belgium and pigeon Nine S takes 12th for Team Leyan Karl Jan racing on, Team Millys Loft England takes 13th with pigeon Champaign Shamane, 14th goes to Team Franz Roetzer from Austria with pigeon top 6 on, Team Anita & Tage Gravesen from Denmark take 15th with pigeon Jamie 756 on, whilst 16th goes to Team Highway Lofts representing Ireland, who are currently enjoying their past few races with their team staking their claim once again with pigeon Highway Excell on, 17th position and a second arrival for Denmark goes to Team Henriksen with pigeon Max on, we also have a second USA arrival in 18th as pigeon Nani for Mike Ganus times in on, leaving Marc de Cock of Belgium and entry Charles 402 timing in on resulting in the Czech Republic Pigeon Calypso for Team Ceska Trebova taking the 20th spot on

Pigeon Chichi for Team Arkadiusz Buttner Poland 3rd International hotspot race 3

With pigeons coming at regular intervals, during the day it proving to be one of the better returns that the loft has experienced in past weeks as the clock knotched up 248 from the 269 liberated and with the odd few turning in in the days that followed we are now set for an exciting final race on sat 27th March with 252 pigeons at this stage ready to face on the double island flight of the final.

With just one race to go the averages are changing race by race, so it’s all to play for come the day with the king of sprint averages currently being held by the Slovakia Team of Sadlak Vendelin & Andrej with pigeon Arona 15 with 60924 pts, Team Armando Soto racing pigeon loft hold onto 2nd and pigeon Ilona from Mexico on 60355pts and it’s a climb into 3rd for Mr. & Mrs. A Gregson from England with their pigeon No No Jo Jo with 59400pts

The Slovakia team of Sdalak Vendelin & Andrej with pigeon Arona 15 current king of sprint average leaders

There’s big changes in the King of the Atlantic averages as Team Men of Gwent Syn Wales and Somerset Girl are currently holding pole position with 45495pts, Team England and Mr. Mrs. Gregson hold another top average position in 2nd with No No Jo Jo on 44988pts whilst 3rd goes to Team Netherlands team of GBR Janssen and pigeon Mouse on 44834.

Team Men of Gwent Wales & Somerset Girl current leaders in the King of Atlantic average

The Final Race

With the final race approaching, and arrangements being made by the Arona team to profile the event to a worldwide audience, it’s clear to most now that with the international travel ban currently in place means once again we won’t be able to make the journey to Tenerife for the final race and all that it entails.

The usual scene finals day when annual friendships are reunited, sadly on hold again this year.

The situation has become more difficult over the past few days with Tenerife going back into tier 3 of the corona virus, this means that whilst the race can go ahead, it is only possible by abiding by the local and Spanish government guidelines, one of which is that, they are unable to welcome people to the loft but to safe guard the integrity of the race and to ensure that the race is run in accordance with the rules and local guidelines, the Arona organization are able to appoint a few invited guests or country co-ordinator’s to the area as independent viewers to oversee the proceedings on the participants behalf. The team as always will be relaying all live basketing and the final race day via the livestream facilities and via live broadcast by Spanish TV.

The Derby Arona team waiting to stage this year’s final event.

So 252 Brave Warriors which have faced all that has been laid before them since the start in December will set off to Fuerteventura on Thursday evening under independent security and with good weather, will be liberated on Saturday morning so on behalf of the Derby Arona organization, the Ledesma family and all involved we wish each remaining participant the best of luck as we crown the derby Arona champion 2020/21.

Tom Harris