Report: Training 2 & 3



2021 Training Race 2 & 3

We’re well into week two of this year Derby Arona Tenerife One Loft Race and pre-selection training flights, the team prepare to rebasket the 2150 pigeons that are now settled and exercising and overcome their first experience of the basket as we prepare to go slightly further away from the loft to 5klm, yes it may seem a trivial distance but these short outings are there to ensure the pigeons are settled and have overcome any fears once liberated from a strange place and return to the loft.

Team Achaman El Pincho (Tenerife) 1st International Derby Arona tr2

As we expected from such short distances and with the pigeons now starting to know the procedure of not only being liberated in large numbers and orientating swiftly back to the loft but also in the knowledge that on return, their feed will be awaiting them, knowing such the leaders went going to hang around with decimals dividing the leaders and as such taking top honours of 1st International Derby Arona training race two, goes to a local Tenerife syn of Team Achaman El Pincho and Tommy Dodds from Scotland with their pigeon “Fancy” crossing the line at, Team Jorg Unglaube from Germay take the runners up spot with pigeon “Time Bandit 3” timing in on 12 .27.55.25, Team Two Paul’s Syn representing team England entry “Essex Vison” crossed the line to take the 3rd place and 1st UK homing in at, narrowly ahead of one of englands newest entrants The Blaydon Racers Syn entry “Tickety Boo” for 4th on, we go across the Atlantic to the USA for 5th International as Mike Ganus entry “Yasmin” comes home on with clock unable to divide 5th and 6th the clock duly showed the Welsh Syn of “Tom & Gaynor” with pigeon “Boomerang 02” taking 6th also on, for 7th International we head to The Netherlands as Team Lorenzo van Russel’s pigeon ”Unifon” times in on, team England record their third arrival in today Top Ten as Team Tinks Treasures takes the 8th position with pigeon “Baby Bop” on 12 28.06.95, resulting in Casper Lurvink from The Netherlands and pigeon “Enno” taking 9th place on 12 .28.07.10, leaving another dutch entry “Guillermo” for Team Japp Koehoorn to take the 10th position on

Team Jörg Unglaube Germany 2nd International Derby Arona tr2

As we predicted the birds came in their waves as batch after batch completely engulfed the landing board josly their way in to record their arrival, at this point after the first two training flights it’s been a pleasure for all those watching to see the trapping this year which has been faultless so well done to the Arona team of Abel and Fede.

As the clocked ticked away and just prior to the livestream closing down over 2,000 pigeons were recorded and with the final birds which had decided to explore the islands coming through during the day night fell with 2139 pigeons perched and with a few stragglers the following morning coming in increasing the returns to 1242 this pushed the percentage rate up to 99.62%


It’s just 48 hours since the last event and the team are pushing the birds on now as they play catch up due to the delayed start for this one the distance doubled to 10klm for tr3 with 2,142 pigeons on route we once again gathered on line to witness the event and catch up whilst we awaited the liberation news, with nearly 100 interested parties viewing via the website and more on social media outlets once again proving the Derby Arona as a great annual event and great advertisement for the sport in general.

With Abel informing the team he was happy to release the pigeons at 12.10 the weather on the island was again a pleasant 19 degrees with broken cloud.

Team Rien van Oss en Zn from The Netherlands 1st International Derby Arona tr 3

Again with these pigeons now well experienced of liberating in large numbers it wasn’t too long afterwards the first pigeons were seen at the lofts as a few had broken away from the rest and upon landed it was again by any hesitation the leading result was formulated taking Top Honours of 1st International Training Race 3, we go to the syndicate of Rien van Oss en Zn from The Netherlands with their entry “Oss 786” edging its way into the loft with a time of, Team Two Pauls Syn were once again amongst the leaders as their pigeon “Essex Vision” maintains a Top Spot once again for 1st England 1st UK 2nd International on, two further arrivals for the winning nation of The Netherlands take the 3rd and 4th positions with Team De Bruin BV take the former with pigeon “Abel” on 12 30.00.20 just holding off the challenge of pigeon “Banshu” of Team Soepboer with a time of for 5th, team Romania claim the 6th International position with pigeon “Beautiful” for Team Anii Pigeon Warriors coming in on, team england Mark Gilbert takes 7th International 1st UK with his entry “Shouthfield Shaw” recording its arrival on pushing back the challenge of the Two Paul’s Syndicate with their second arrival “Essex Hope” into 8th on 12 31.28.65, team Scotland take 9th as we welcome Team Hay & Scott to the race for their first time with their pigeon “Musical” crossing the line on 12 .31.33.05 and as such Team Anii Pigeons Warriors second pigeon “Diamond Eyes” duly takes the 10th spot on

Team Two Paul’s Syn England 3rd Derby Arona tr2 and 2nd International tr3

Once again the leaders made light work of the new race distance as floods of pigeons seemed to arrive at the loft but as the ets clock ticked over it was clear to see the numbers were slow in coming, as for the first time the Arona team predicted the presence of the islands falcons were playing their part today, in splitting up the pigeons on route as smaller batches were witnessed at regular intervals throughout the remainder of the afternoon resulting by nightfall 2121 pigeons from the liberation of 2142 were home safe, with a few trickling in the following morning it was good to see 2129 pigeons had overcome the ordeal.

Team De Bruin BV Netherlands 3rd International tr3

This year we have just one days break for Christmas day due to the delay in starting for the Ledesma family celebrate the Xmas period, we will of course as advertised be back on the road on boxing day going to 15 klm and 20 klm on Dec 28th.

With the five pre-selection training flights then completed, there’s a short break from training for a few days as activations come into play, it’s down to you the fancier to return the faith in your selections you sent to the Arona lofts many weeks ago, they have done all that’s been asked of them up to now, as in loft orientation five training flights, it’s now down to you to repay them for their achievements, each reserve is 220 euro per pigeon, unfortunately during the second phase of activations, any un activated pigeons will become available to third parties who can step in and pay the activation fee and therefore take over ownership from there on looking further ahead, training will resume on 19th Jan when Abel and the team will work the pigeons up to the north of Tenerife at several locations and distances, this is when the excitement really builds as it’s not only the sea liberation experience but in the knowing the first prize race from Gran Canaria is approaching.

Looking even further ahead is the final race week, it’s a time when hopefuly free from Covid regulations and restrictions that we encountered in 2020 that with the recent arrival of the Covid vaccine on the island its hoped things will be a lot easier in 2021, we hope everyone is able to be on the island for the final race from Fuerteventura and the week long build up to the liberation and returns planned for sat march 27th.

The first Covid vaccine arrival on the island of Tenerife

January dates (subject to weather conditions)

19 Jan Training Flight 6 Approx 25 km

22 Jan Training Flight 7 around 33 km

26 Jan Training Flight 8 around 40 km

29 Jan Training Flight 9 around 50 km


On finishing Jose, Inma and the Ledesma family hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas period and wish everyone good fortune for the future as we head into 2021

Tom Harris