The 2018/19 Derby ARONA ONE LOFT RACE

 “The number one winter sun one loft race “


RACE DAY 6 & 7

So as we enter a new year and Following the two weeks Christmas break we welcome everyone back to the race ,and whilst over such time the organisers have reported a tremendous interest from fanciers around the world for the owners and third party activation periods again this year for the Derby ARONA one loft race it has resulted in only a small number of pigeons not activated or allocated new owners ,these as per the ruling will result in being removed from any further races when returning to the scheduled race programme on jan 10th.

To fanciers and participates whilst the holidays are also a time for the Ledesma family rest assured although there’s been no road training during the holiday break the team have continued to exercise the pigeons on a daily basis to maintain a fitness level in preparation of the restart as 3295 pigeons are fully activated and ready to go. Its at this time we welcome the many new participants who have taken up the opportunity to enter the race within the third-party activation and hope they enjoy the thrills and excitement that the Derby ARONA offer.

With the pigeons basketed and loaded abel Ledesma and co headed from the loft location in Guasa northwards for a return liberation from the 25 klm release point , upon arrival and allowing his cargo to settle and with the conditions near as perfect he had no hesitation to liberate the pigeons at 10.30 in a light northerly breeze with a temperature averaging around 20-22 degrees with clear blue skies.

With a larger crowd now active on the Arona livestream site viewing today’s race and many more connected on various links through social media we settled in to await the first arrivals of 2019,On the previous encounter from this distance the leading pigeons covered the course in just over 20 min however with that time lapsing we had to wait a further eight minutes until the first pigeons hit the trap and quickly entered the loft.

Pigeon named hope for team adde and ravi 1st international race 6
Pigeon Nancy for Milan Hussar Slovakia

Taking the top spot today we head to Sweden with pigeon named hope for team adde and ravirecording its arrival for 1st international race six narrowly in front of the rest of the leading batch with a time of, just pipping team Slovakia and pigeon Nancy for milan hussar settling in for 2nd on 10.58.23,40.,we go to the USA for 3rd as team BBL and pigeon ady. Scrambled over the line on,pushing team soepboer from the Netherlands pigeon astoran into 4th spot on,a second arrival for team usa take the 5th position with team Andy Skwiat with pigeon poncho on,team Netherlands also recorded their second pigeon in today’s event as pigeon Ries for team H.vvenrooji came in on 10 58.41.30 to take 6th ,as we stay with eastern Europe team Germany and team Belgium battled it out for the next two positions ,as team Sg Gberreinhard pigeon 416 crossed the line on for 7th just a fraction ahead of the Belgium entry R192 entered by team A en C Roles ,on in 8th ,team uk& Ireland come in 9th on this occasion as the English entry numb nuts for team flying finntrapped on ,rounding up todays top ten are team Austria as pigeon sea kay entered by team Helmut Heiland on

Team BBL and pigeon ady 3RD INTERNATIONAL RACE 6

Over the next three minutes or so the clock indicated that over 500 pigeons were home and recorded as more and more were clearly seen to be home with the trapping area again a mass of pigeons jostling for a way into the loft to register their arrival which was pleasing to see.

And as night fell on the island of Tenerife 3,256 pigeons were locked away safely and following a few more returns the following morning the loft were pleased to see a 99.8 % returns rate.

The mountainous regions of the gumair valley route

Its just two days on and were really stepping up the pace now as the race programme demands to meet our scheduled dates for sea and hotspot races with the pigeons again on the road heading north for race day 7 , a liberation site high amongst the gumiar valley in the centre of the island ,and although it has its obstacles for example the altitude and rocky and mountainous terrain it’s a route that the pigeons unfortunately have to take on and overcome during their future flights from the northern points back to the loft.

With the 3,265 pigeons that returned from the previous training race positioned and settling after the slightly longer journey the team were happy to release the pigeons at 10.50 into an easterly breeze and after following their orientation around the lib-site the conveyers reported back to all waiting at the loft and viewing on the internet that the pigeons had orientated well on the northern point of the valley and were steadily making their way south in the direction of the loft ,which was pleasing to hear knowing the difficulties of the flight ahead.

1stinternational race 7
Mr & Mrs Andy Gregson and pigeon “Harry” 1stuk& Ireland 1stinternational race 7

At the loft the usual guess the time for the first pigeons were being estimated on livestream however it wasn’t until 11.17that a small number of pigeons were seen in the vicinity of the lofts deemed to be the first of the returns ,which after a moment or so proved to be as they landed and entered the loft to record their return taking, pole position we have team uk& Ireland as Mr and Mrs Andy Gregson from England takes the 1st international honours with one of their two entries Harry on,just ahead of team las Vladimir and dana in 2nd with pigeon las 2 being denied the top spot by just one second with a time of,in 3rd we go to team Germany and entrant Daniel weichtmann with pigeon is mari with a time of,new entrant for this year team merrystone representing uk& Ireland takes the 4th spot with pigeon magy coming in on, whilst 5th place goes to the second arrival for team Germany with maria and Herbert bramkamp pigeon polonia -celik2 on, pigeon peanuts from team Switzerland for entrant jura fighter came in on to take the 6th international position just pushing team cvasko and pigeon igor into 7th from Slovakia with, it’s a third arrival from team Germany that takes the 8th position with pigeon sennepotlood for team andreas mahlow on, taking the 9th position we come back to the uk for their third pigeon in the top ten as another new team makes a top ten appearance as team humderston and pigeon princess waggy records Followed in 10th by team Romania viorel stetco with pigeon tipello gold on whichs rounds off todays leaders.

2nd international race 7
Slovakia Team Las Vladimir & Dana with pigeon las 2, 2nd international race 7

Once again as expected the leading birds came through pretty unscathed considering as the times show on the clock, however there was still a large number of pigeons away as the day went on and on talking to the team they feared that it was probably down to a peregrine attack on route through the mountains which more than likely to have split the pigeons up and they predict a number may well have turned and headed north to find an alternative route back, hence the large gaps and smaller batches returning at steady intervals during the afternoon which at the time was encouraging, undoubtedly the team were somewhat disappointed so early in the series as to what had taken place earlier in the day but were a little more relieved as at nightfall the numbers had increased considerably as 2,870 pigeons were recorded, leaving just over 400 pigeons unaccounted for and experiencing their first night out.



Team Germany and entrant Daniel weichtmann with pigeon ismari

The following morning it was encouraging to see pigeons returning from first light which we would expect from such a short distance and as the day went on the team were updating the site indicating that although the pigeons were predicted to have been split in the attack some had stayed together overnight and were still coming in small batches, no worse for ware after their encounter.

By nightfall on day two a further 100 plus pigeons had come home to roost and with a further 40 or so on day three the total indicated 3,016 93% of the pigeons were home, no doubt we will see a few more in the next few days as they make their way through and look forward to the next event.

Pigeon cindy current average leaders.
Team castermans & maes and pigeon cindy current average leaders.

As always during these short races the averages are changing on a daily basis but as we round up the first week of the new year currently in the lead are team castermans & maesfrom Belgium with pigeon cindy on 23417 pts closely followed by team usa and team usa 1 with pigeon seven sister in 2nd on 22967 pts and in 3rd it’s the Netherlands syndicate of pouw &  Willems and pigeon bolero on 22959.




Looking forward and with the second phase of training well underway our sights are now on the challenging sea races and future hotspot races and of course the final event at the end of march.

Fanciers from around the world gathering in march 2018 for the final race.

So, with everything still to play for we wish you luck over the next few weeks and hope to see you all in Tenerife for the big finale and congratulate the winner of this years 120,000 euro prize.

Tom harris