Report: 2022 Back on the Road in Arona


Back on the Road in Arona

With the Derby Arona Tenerife One Loft Race


With the initial five training flights and owners and Third Party Activations out of the way we`repreparing ourselves to move forward into the training programme and each step bringing us closer to the final with the first of which being from a distance of 30klm planned for Jan 15th

However as the day approached the Canary Islands were one again hit by the latest calima episode which brought  with it  a thick dense sand storm across the Atlantic ocean from the Sahara desert which related to training being postponed for a few days as we waitedfor the skies to clear.

On Monday 24th the 1914 pigeons consisting of activated and venture pigeons were basketed and on their way for the start of phase two of the training programme which will take them over the coming weeks to the most northern part of the island prior to heading out to sea towards the island of Gran Canaria and the start of the testing hotspot races.

With birds on site and ready to go Abel released the convoy at 12.05 into a light north easterly breeze with broken cloud.

As we sat a patiently waited the first arrivals on livestream at the loft we could clearly see thick dark clouds had formed looking north  away from the loft  over the mountain regions,however this didn’t seem to impose any threat to the leading batch as the first arrivals came through unscathed to record their arrival.

Team Mariadan from the U.S.A. 1st International Derby Arona tr 6 with pigeon “Abby”

Taking top honours of 1st International Derby Arona tr6 we go to across the Atlantic to the USA where Team Mariadan claiming the Top Spot with one of their team entries “Abby” timing in 1244.30.35, Team Fev Flyers take the runners up position of 2ndInternational with pigeon “Christie”on a time of for 3rd we stay in the UK and head  to the Welsh Syn of  the Hopefuls with pigeon “Finan 35” timing in at,team USA record their second arrival for 4th with pigeon “SV Superpigeons” syn entry “Aces Wild” coming in on 12.44 .32.85, team Netherlands take the 5th spot with pigeon “Bosly” for Team Gebr.Janssen in the clock on, just edging in front of Team Frapejo with pigeon “Pepe 4” for 6th with a time of,whilst team PaulSmith from England takes the 7thInternational position with pigeon “Waajib” one of two venture pigeons he activated with a time of,for 8th and 10th positions we have Team Sint & Carlsbad friends from Belgium with two arrivals with “Amigo 3” clocking in on…followed by “Amigo 9” on, these two were split by the French entry of “Omega” for Team Plumes Aux Quartre Vents with a time of

Team Fev Flyers 1st England 1stUK 2ndInternational Derby Arona tr 6 with pigeon “Christie”

With the leading pigeons recorded there seemed to be a lapse before the second wave of arrivals could be seen and this pattern continued throughout the day,which indicated that the convoy may well have encountered their first challenge from the resident peregrines or a change in the weather forcing them to go out wide to avoid any threat or rain and as such small numbers continued to arrive as the afternoon went on,with nightfall the clock showed 1820 pigeons were perched for the night and with more arrivals on day two and three the final numbers increased to 1845 pigeons 96.39%

The Hopefuls Syn Wales 3rd International Derby Arona tr 6 with pigeon “Finan 35”

Training race 7

With unpredictable weather conditions changing day by day in the Canary Islands the next episode indicated heavyrain forecast over the coming in over the coming days and as a result the Arona Team held back on tr7 for a few days until the weather improved finally announcing that tr7 would now be held on the Friday, with 1845 once again on the road for the second liberation from the distance of 30 klm with the pigeons away at 11.30 into a 14klm north easterly wind with cloudy skies above.

As we sat and waited keen to spot the first arrivals on livestream it wasn’t long until our wait was over as a large batch were to seen on approach clearly indicating that in comparison to the previous liberation they had made good time on this occasion possibly taking advantage of the helping wind to bring them through.

Taking top honours in today’s event we head to Belgium where Team Creemers &Zoon take the pole position with 1st International training race 7 as pigeon “Kimi” 1st over the line on

Team Creemers &Zoon Belgium 1st International Derby Arona  tr7 with pigeon “Kimi”

As team Slovakia take the 2ndInternational spot with pigeon “MZ 80” for Team Miro Zabka just a decimal behind the winner on team Belgium record their second nation arrival for 3rd International with Team Leyen Karel- Jan Racing entry “Fabian” over the line on,for 4thInternational first UK we see Team Paul Smith and his entry “Waajib” once again amongst the leaders representing England with a time of, Team Frapejo are also once again up in the winners enclosure on this occasion taking 5th spot with their pigeon “Frans 1” recording a time of as such resulting in one of Tenerife local entrants Team Tomás Montiel into 6th with his pigeon “Carmita” on the clock on, team USA are once again represented in the Top Ten again today as pigeon “BMW 56” for Team Sise puede, coming in on for 7th International, a second pigeon for team England takes the 8th position as Team Highfield  loft’s entry “Jenny” crosses the line for 8th place on,as team Austria claims the 9th place with Team Kutlesa and pigeon “Fialka” on,this left team Tenerife Jonathon ExpositoCruz with a 10thInternational position with his entry “Spinout” on

Pigeon “MZ 80” 2ndInternational Derby Arona tr7 for Team Miro Zabkra,Slovakia

With just decimals dividing the top positions the loft and participants were encouraged to see large bunches of pigeons coming through and as the clouds darken and an unusual downpour of rain hampered the trailing pigeon however  by 13.30,1767 pigeons were recorded  with the rain continuing until gone 3pm the clock still slowly recording arrivals and as such once darkness fell on the island 1845 pigeons had returned making a 96.39% returns ratio,and with more pigeons hopefully set to return during day 2 these numbers will possibly increase.

Team Leyen Karel – JanRacing Belgium 3rd International tr7 with pigeon “Fabian”

With seven training races now completed the team will move the pigeons on distance wise as they make their journey north through the centre of the island through the Güimar Valley until they reach the most northern point of the island with a liberation from a new point some 70klm planned twice prior to heading out to sea and on towards the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria.

Paul Smith 7thInternational 1stUK tr7 with pigeon “Waajib”

Also with seven races completed its time to take a look at the front runners inKing of Sprint Averages where we see Team Maja from Poland currently hold the top position with pigeon “Szura” on 12,042 pts Team Jef Cuypers from Belgium hold 2nd position with pigeon “Witneus” on 11770pts and finally in 3rd pigeon we have pigeon “Miso” for Team Grizzle from The Netherlands on 11371pts, as we progress through the series were sure this will change many times up to the final race.

Current leader “King of Sprint” Averages pigeon “Szura” for Team Maja, Poland 

Venture pigeons

With a team of pigeons entered by the canary breeding centre in Tenerife still in the loft the Arona Team has looked into a way of continuing to enter these pigeons for the remainder of  the series rather than remove them from the raceand have therefore come up with the idea to allocate these pigeons to participants,following the survival race from Gran Canaria, as previous years have clearly shown a number of pigeons are reluctant to face the open waters of the Atlantic at the first asking which incurs a percentage of losses and therefore by allocating these pigeons as replacements they hope it will aid fanciers and enable them to stay in the race,each pigeon will be allocated to fanciers via a lottery scheme following the Gran Canaria Race.

Looking further ahead to the finals week subject to any covid conditions and regulations, were hopeful we can adopt a full final race week programme this year,which will include live basketing on Thursday 25thMarch,the Welcome evening on Fri 25th, THE MAIN EVENT “FINAL RACE”on Sat 26th followed by the Gala night on the 27th when were hopefully we can all come together to celebrate this year’s winners.

Derby arona