Report: Our Journey continues to the North – TRAINING RACES 8 & 9


       Our Journey continues to the North

Our Journey continues to the North


With the latest calima episode responsible for the delay in the training schedule slowly clearing the islands this enabled the derby arona to stage its latest training flight 8 from the distance of 35klm in a northly direction through the centre of the island with 1,823 pigeons on board .
With a mixture of cloudy skies and a 13klm north easterly wind coming off the Atlantic,added with the threat of rain coming in later that afternoon the convoy were liberated earlier than normal at 11.15 am.
With many participants now logging in on line via the weblink to the live stream and other social media sitesand with dark clouds clearly seen gathering over the mountain regions towards the north,we were hopeful that the pigeons would orientate and make a good line of flight for home and hopefully we’ll see the arrival of pigeons at the loft prior to the rain,thankfully it wasn’t too long that we could see the first batch of pigeons coming into land on the traps.


Pigeon “Torry” 1stInternational Derby Arona tr8

Taking top honours of 1st International Derby Arona tr8 we see Team PetruseMarius from Romania with pigeon “Torry” timing in at 11 57.10 15, Team Creemers&Zoon representing team Belgium drop one place from tr7 to take the runner up position with another of their entries “Delta” on the clock on, Team William Donachie from Scotland times in the 1stUK pigeon for 3rd International as his entry “Silver Streak” on timed in on, team Belgium take the 4th and 5th positions with Team MonickNys pigeons and pigeon “Farida” with a time of takes 4th resulting in Team Leyenkarel- Jan Racing in 5th with pigeon “Bastile” on,their nearest neighbours the Netherlands take 6th place with pigeon “Atila” for Team Carlo Dominicus timing its arrival at holding off the challenge from Team Bustraan,Bosse&Hoondert also representing the Netherlands with their arrival “Lady John” coming in on for 7th,it’s a second arrival for team Scotland in 8th as Team Kingsway Lofts entry “Blue Avenger” comes in on, team USA record their second arrival with Team Black Gold seeing their entry “Katy” on the clock on a time of leavingthe 10th International Spot to Team Continental Team Colombia Cuba &Lanzarote with their entry “Lanzarote” rounding of today’s leaders with a time of

Team Creemers& Zoon Belgium 2nd International tr8 with pigeon “Delta”


With the clouds forming and the first drops of rain clearly seen on the landing boardsthankfully there was a continuous flow of returns as we seen over 1500 pigeons returning in the minutes that followed prior to the heavy rain that we hear the island sustained from around 2pm and throughout the afternoon… highlighting the efforts of those pigeons that came through later in the day .

Team William DonachieScotland 1stUK 3rd International tr8 with pigeon “Silver Streak”

As the daylightturned to darken skies a little earlier than normal due to the weather by 6pm 1731 pigeons had returned safely resulting in 92 pigeons short indicating that they had possibly gone down for cover of drawn wide to avoid the rain either way with the rain easing overnight we were optimistic more pigeons would come through during the following morning.
Day 2 and from first light with no pigeons yet on the clock it wasn’t until 9am that the first pigeon of the day showed up this then brought with it a steady flow during the day as a further twenty-three pigeons had homed and with an additional eight on day three this brought the numbers up to 1761 and a returns rate of 96.59%
With training race 9 planned for the Thursday the AronaTeam were once again battling the current weather pattern as they were once again forced to postpone the trainer for 24 hours as the latest calima was blown through on the strong easterly winds.
Friday morning and with a long awaited break in the weather,the team were happy to stage training race 9 from a distance of 35klm a liberation site positioned at the southern point of the GüimarValley,with 1761 pigeons on board Abel got them away at 12 midday into a rare sunny blue sky and a moderate 11klm north easterly wind.

Team Aztec Lofts USA 1st International Derby Arona tr9 with pigeon “Damian”

Team USA are enjoying their best year so far with yet another top podium winner and many Top Ten positions during these early stages as Team Aztec Lofts claimed the Top Spot today with pigeon “Damian” swiftly entering the trap to record its arrival on, Team Martin Jacobs from the Netherlands takes the first runner up position with his entry “Chantal” close behind the winner on, Team Zihlavnik from Slovakia takes 3rdInternational with their pigeon “Timo” on, Team Soepboer records the Netherlands second arrival with pigeon “Kirsten” taking 4th on, Team Paul & Christine Titcomb take 1st England 1stUK 5thInternational with their pigeon “Da Silva” maintaining a steady run of results lately with today’s time of,team Belgium take the 6th& 7th positions with Team PEC &Batenburg timing two of the entries with pigeon “Big Pav” timing in on for 6th. Closely followed by “Piggy” on for 7thInternational,team Slovakia take 8th place with their second pigeon in today’s Top Ten with pigeon “NKA 512” for Team EvinPeter&Noemi coming in at 12 37.41.15,team New Cut Warriors presenting England take 9thInternational with their entry “Wottle” coming home on, Team Visser&Middelkoop from the Netherlands entry “Teflon” takes the 10th Spot and rounding off todays leaders with a time of

Team Martin Jacobs Netherlands 2ndInternational tr9 with pigeon “Chantal”

Once again the early pigeons made light work as the clock tried to keep up with the returns crossing the line and as such it was pleasing to see 1688 pigeons from the 1761 released timed in by 2pmand with a steady flow of late arrivals during the afternoon this brought the final number of returns or the day to 1710 some fifty or so short.

Team Zihlavnik from Slovakia 3rd International tr9 with pigeon “Timo”

Day 2 and with the day opening up with blue skies it was pleasing to see some early returns with the usa recording the first day 2 arrival shortly after 7am and again the flow continued with a further 30 pigeons coming in during the day.

With another week over its time to catch up on the King of Sprint Averages,this is a competition for the best average from race one through to and including the final Race, current leader so far are Team Grizzle with their entry “Miso” on 14434 pts in 2nd we see Team Creemers& Zoon climbing into the frame in 2nd with pigeon “Delta” on 14211pts and in 3rdits Team Bustraan,Bosse&Hoondert from the Netherlands with pigeon “Lady John” on 14187.

Paul & Christine Titcomb 1st England 1stUK 5thInternational with pigeon “Da Silva”

Highlighting the effects of calima episodes over the Canary Islands with sand storms crossing from the Sahara desert.

On rounding off the latest news from the AronaTeam in Tenerife indicates more unsettled weather over the coming days therefore finding it hard to stay withing the racing schedule initially planned with more calima episodes due to come through along with high winds and rain also due, the team will on times need to move around these weather patterns and on times may decide to go at short notice away from the planned training programme to overcome the situation normally the weather in the canaries being so close to the equator is so settled there’s normally no issues regarding training…but regardless of this rest assured the main priority will always be for the benefit and safety of the pigeons

Pigeon “Miso” currently 1st King of Sprint Averages

Also as we head north through the islands a few have asked about nominations,on discussing this with Jose,he is happy to introduce nominations once we reach the north of the island from 70klm,this will no doubt add some extra excitement for those wishing to participate, the only thing participants will need to ensure is they have monies in credit in their account prior to the day,this can be done by sending funds over and requesting it goes into your nominations account.
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