📌 2021 SEA RACE-1 😉 (Nominations Open)


Dear participants as we know with Covid-19 the world is operating in an ever moving situation. In the canaries, the Ferry operators whilst running are operating on a reduced service therefore availability is limited. As a result the only option is for us to take is the 15.00 sailing to gran canaria with a liberation at 15 to 25 Km off shore shortly afterwards the same option that our local federation have recently taken with minimal implications and losses. We are confident that there will be enough hours of light for the pigeons return. We hope you appreciate the decition we have made to be able to achieve at least two Sea Races before Survival Race from Gran Canaria.

Ledesma GLOBAL Ltd. is very pleased to announce the SEA RACE-1 International Derby ARONA 2021 on 10th February is Weather. You can follow the arrivals LIVESTREAM & Chatting below in this page!

Please Share Our Events and help to make Derby ARONA the most wolrd famous! 

Good luck!

More and complete info on FACEBOOK: facebook.com/aronarace


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If you don’t make things happen then things will happen to you…

J.Ledesma, Managing Director
Derby Arona Team