📘 Sea RACE-2 2018 Report



Sea Race 2 + Latest Island Training Race 15 Report 


We’re at the Sea Race 2 stage of the Derby Arona Tenerife One Loft Race series the final distance training race before we touch land on the island of Gran Canaria for Hot Spot one Car Race with 1,359 pigeons again on route to the port of Santa Cruz for the early morning sailing, as dawn broke and with all vehicles loaded the Armas cross island ferry made its way out to sea at 07.30 in the direction of the island of Gran Canaria.

It was approx one hour later during the crossing and with broken blue skies above and the sun just starting to break through and the island of Tenerife in the distance, Abel gave the all clear to release his cargo at 08.25 into a north westerly head wind from a distance of 90 klm 65 of land and 25 of Atlantic Ocean.


Sea race 2 liberation (THE ISLAND OF TENERIFE in the far distance)

With the pigeons airborne they soon batched into a few small numbers as they zig-zagged their way back towards land with the liberation report feeding through indicating that the pigeons had orientated well and were heading for home we all sat patiently to witness the first arrivals.

At the loft the skies could be seen holding dark clouds in the direction of the mountain region on the direction of the pigeons approach route, however this was shown to be isolated areas as closer to home above the loft a hint of blue skies were clearly visible furthermore on viewing various live streams from the holiday resorts of Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Américas which are close by, it looked like a perfect summer’s day on the island.

Pigeon “Invictus” for Team Class 888 is’t International Sea Race 2 (Romania)

It was nearly 1 hour 20 mins before the first pigeons were spotted and upon landing they quickly made their way into the traps to time in their arrival, on this occasion team Romania take the first two positions with pigeon “Invictus” for Team Class 888 just about doing enough to pip his rival with a time of, in 2nd position and the second pigeon for Rumania on a time of goes to Team Familia Bacalu with pigeon “Ghost Moon”, for 3rd we go to Belgium as team Jose Hoes entry “Xantia” comes in on, Team IFJ Ferge Miklos Jr. from Hungary has continued with his recent flurry of Top Ten positions to take 4th place today with another of his entries “Micike” coming in on,

2nd International Team Familia Bacalu from Romania

For 5th we go to Switzerland and Team Martin Ruedi with pigeon named “Martin” on, narrowly ahead of the first UK pigeon home for the P.K. Lofts Syn from Wales in 6th with “Charis” coming in on, Robert Longid from the EEUU and pigeon “Mutaito” crossed the line for 7th, whilst Beniamin Neag from Austria witnessed his entry “Mr. Mo” take 8th on a time of, Team Wantia & Hollekamp from Germany take 9th place with their entry “Total Force” crossing the line at, and finally completing today’s Top Ten positions we have the local entry for Team Maspalomas from Gran Canaria timing in their pigeon “Sidian”

As you can see the first birds again made good time against a strong head wind, the first time they have had to endure such winds from such a difficult location out at sea we believe people have now come to realise the nature of the race and the bravery these pigeons have to obtain to return.

As the afternoon went on pigeons were constantly returning and again by nightfall whilst 1,040 pigeons were safely locked away for the night we were still hopeful of even more returns the following morning.

Jose Hoes Belgium 3rd International Sea Race 2

Day 2 and once the sun had risen and the skies opened and the livestream once again running as predicted the first of the missing birds from the day before started to arrive Steve Marsh from the UK set the ball rolling as his pigeon “Angela” was the first to come just after 07.40 and set a trend for the rest of the day, during day two a further 60 or so pigeons made their way through to the delight of the team indications had been received that as the island of Gran Canaria was the nearest land from the liberation, we were sure that some of the pigeons had mistakenly been drifted towards there by the head wind, our fears were endorsed by fanciers on Gran Canaria reporting a small number of pigeons there on day two, so with a little bravery hope we were sure a few more would make the journey across in the following days, this was once again the case as a further ten pigeons made the flight believed to be from Gran Canaria to their Tenerife home, the experience they have learnt will surly become vital in the forthcoming Atlantic crossings .

Team P.K. Lofts 1st UK (Wales) 6th International Sea Race 2

When the clock  was final turned off at the end of day 3 the Arona Team  announced a returns rate of 82% of the entries home and prepared for the next outing planned for the forthcoming island training on the weekend from approx 35 klm.

Saturday and after all the thrills and excitement of Sea Race 2 we were once again on livestream to witness the latest training race from the short distance of 35 klm from the village of Fasnia with 1,109 entries basketed the team got the birds away at 11.45 into a slight north easterly breeze and slightly overcast skies with temperature around 20 degrees visible.

THE birds arriving to the delight of fanciers and country co-ordinators from Germany  at the loft to witness the arrivals.

At the lofts once again the Derby Arona Team once again welcomed a number of fanciers who to the loft to witness the arrivals and as the clock ticked by the first birds were seen approaching, in one mass the majority of the pigeons hit the loft trapping area and the fight for positions began as the forced their way through the crowd to record their arrival, taking 1st today was The Netherlands as Team Klein Falckenborg have enjoyed the early training races being amongst the Top Ten on numerous occasions as team entry “Canary 2” notched yet another major position of 1st International on a time of to go with previous placing of 1st island race 6 and other positions of 25th 39th 27th and 71st, a team of pigeons which are currently working well for the participant in the race.

Team Klein Falckenborg from Netherlands 1st International Race 15 (Island training)


Bader Aldahoum from Kuwait takes 2nd position with his entry “Bent Hamdan” coming in on, just ahead of the 3rd place winner Team Comb. van den Berg with pigeon  “Generaal Smurf”, on, team UK/Ireland take 4th with the English entry “Princess Waggy” for Team Trainspotters timing in on, The Netherlands recorded their third arrival in the Top Five positions as pigeon “Frysian Fortune” for Team Sjaak Buwalda came home on 12 .03.53.30 just fighting off the Sevilla entry “Kirby” for  Team Fratti-Strunga-Cosmin & George on in 6th, for 7th its a second arrival for team UK as Andy Harker representing England is once again flying high in the Top Ten with his pigeon “Mauri” timing in on


Bader Aldahoum and pigeon “Bent Hamdan” from Kuwait 2nd International Race 15

Ahead of the  8th position winner Team Lorek & Losinski from Poland and pigeon “Three Wonders” coming on the clock at, for 9th it’s the local canarian syndicate of Team Yahvé, Oliver & Fredy who are never too far away as their arrival “Mykonos” comes in on, resulting in the 10th position going to the Slovakian entry “Tomi” for Team Van Helsing & Tomaska on 12 .03.55.80.

As you could gather after overcoming the previous distances from mid seas in the past days 35 klm today was a good wing stretch for the birds after such ordeals and therefore this is reflected in the arrivals today as over 1,000 pigeons made a recording in less than ten minutes of the first birds home and with the remaining numbers coming in shortly behind it once again proved that the new training programme implemented by the team has again benefitted the pigeons by keeping them motivated to racing home.


Team Comb. van den Berg Netherlands 3rd International race 15

We now move onto the averages and as previous this is changing race by race and at the half way stage as we head towards the first of the Hotspot races in pole position we have new leader from Slovakia with Team Evin Peter & Noemi and pigeon “Rachel 404” on 25210. In 2nd it’s Constantin Banu from Rumania and pigeon “Aventador” who has been coming consistent with 25195 pts whilst 3rd goes to Team Silny J & L also from Slovakia with pigeon “Finist” on 24822.


Team Trainspotters UK (England) 4th International Race 15

So all sights are now focussed on the forthcoming Gran Canaria survival race (Hotspot 1 Car race) this is the race that will surely test the homing ability of the pigeons, as it’s the first time they would of been released on land and had to fly out from the land beneath to the neighbouring island of Tenerife some 100 klm  from home over the Challenging Atlantic Ocean, as always the team will study the local weather charts over the coming days in preparation of finding the best possible conditions for a liberation and whilst everything will be ensured from a human perspective it will of course come down to a few main elements needed to succeed these being the strength ability and bravery on the pigeons and of course good old mother nature who are all required to make the race a success

Current King of Sprint Average winners Team Evin Peter & Noemi from Slovakia

So until next time good luck to all still participating in the race and the forthcoming Hotspot 1 Car Race and congratulations to the eventual winner.




Tom Harris