The Derby ARONA team are looking forward to the double island step from Fuerteventura island on 14th March. Over the past few days we have given the pigeon in preparation for the semi-final race the following unofficial training flights from various distances of 3 x 30 Km + 1 x 15 Km + 1 x 20 Km. These road trainings were made to maintain the fitness and psychological level to succeed. The pigeons must fly over Fuerteventura Island aroung 30 Km then step over open sea along 100 Km to Gran Canaria island, then across G. Canaria Island around 30 Km and then go forward once again over open seas +90 Km to arrive at the loft in south Tenerife Island.


“Derby Arona” has within brief years established itself as a “World Class” sporting event. Thanks to the realist, the brutally honest fancier who believes in the superiority of his stock and is willing to challenge the “Atlantic Ocean” and all that, that entails. You are racing against the very best endurance pigeons in the world for the highest first prize money in Europe 120.000 Euro and offers the fancier a mixture of emotions throughout the campaign in the will to beat and be crowned the best in the world. Risking flights over the open ocean requires the ultimate in terms of a pigeon’s ability to orient, its physical performance, its endurance, its courage and its iron will to return to its home. the ARONA team will shortly be welcoming a United Nation pigeon fanciers that will descended upon Tenerife to enjoy the hospitality of this tropical paradise and hopefully also emerge victorious in the ultimate challenge that is Derby Arona. Welcome to the great Semifinal race “Double Step 230 Km”, the greatest “Opus” for racing pigeon fanciers of the world called “Derby Arona”

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J.Ledesma, Managing Director

Derby Arona Team