SEMIFINAL Race report by Tom Harris





It’s early march and the loft is now a place of activity as we alll prepare for the forthcoming semi final and double island hop from fuertaventura across the atlantic to tenerife taking in gran canaria on route.

With 904 pigeons safely returning from car race two, the same number was announced on the basketing list on wednesday evening,  as the arona team prepared to transport overnight to the liberation site on the west coast of fuertaventura for a planned friday morning liberation.

On the day of liberation i was sailing across the english channel on route to houten for the dutch spring show,  to hand over the arona stand to the dutch and germany coordinator to promote the race for 2016, so i was therefore unable to participate in the livestream chat site on this occation, however before losing internet conection i was able to speak to jose at the lofts in tenerife who informed me that with the conditions good both ends and throughout the line of flight and they were preparing and planning on a liberation at 08:15.

At 08.15 it was confirmed by able that the strings were cut and the pigeons were released into a light north easterly wind and temperatures rising to a moderate 24 degrees as he day progressed, after liberation it could be seen via the liberation video,  that the pigeons steadily made there way out to sea in one or two batches heading twowards gran canaria on route for home, whilst at the lofts the arona team prepared for the wait along with a few local fanciers who were also in attendance to see the pigeons return.

During our journey to antwerp we were on occations able to keep a watchful eye on the arona website and on the one occation we were able to confirm the arrival of the leading pigeons as they recorded there arrival.

Taking 1st place and winning there second major prize of a second new car were the hotspot 1 winning syndicate team top 10 from europe consisting of Jelle Creemers Jacky Creemers Erwin panis joep Stroetges Jan Leyen Mertens Roger ad Valk Vermeulen from Belgium, Germany and Netherlands and local Tenerife fancier Ludo.


Timing their entry carmen dark after 2hr 47 min flying at, the winning pigeon a white grizzle hen has been in mid table positions throughout the campagin however when the day come she clearly got herslrf in front to win 1st place for its owners and going into the final race currentyl stands in 4th within its country entries and 264th internationaly.

In 2nd place just a small margine behind the winner was the german entry moen fool entered by team express claiming a cash prize of 2,500 euro to its credit recording an arrival on, for 3rd its team polska and syndicate Bogdan miynarczyk winning 2,000 euro with their pigeon pacha timing in at,for the following positions from 4th to 10th each will recieved a cash prize of 220 euro each which was claimed by the following in 4th position goes to pigeon g- star checked for team belgium and team dirk mertens at, 5th and was the first arrival for team netherlands with pigeon marco the first for anton van oort at, 6th was kombat kid for team germany and bernhard bunte on, 7th position goes to another german entry with brandt 600 for daniel brandt timing in on, hok m reijen takes 8th and 9th positions with two of his entries with camilo timing in at just ahead of blossom at, team slovakia takes the 10th spot as kaja entered by team zihlavnik recording a time of

Team express team photo 2nd semi final race
Team express team photo 2nd semi final race

for the folowing ten pigeons each will also take a share of the prize funds

11th hopealong team lorenzo van russel netherlands

12th and 1st uk and ireland team g&k jones olympic lady

13th maksim team croatia team pudic family loft

14th team felix santiago -andy rguez sand mountain gran canaria

15th team dylan &daniel boylan team ireland china doll

16th team solvakia team greg, greg 24

17th team austria team garcia & nagelhofer chevelle

18th team rumania team florea sorin flor 12

19th team netherlands team eric muller joker

20th team netherlands team dickman stroetges nectarine

Pacha 3rd semi final race for team polska bogdan mlynarczyk
Pacha 3rd semi final race for team polska bogdan mlynarczyk

the ace pigeon averages are swopping and changing now race by race and there appeas to be new leaders after this semi final race with team netherlands syndicate of team soepboer with pigeon r nelson with 42589 pts, in 2nd its team belgium and david jacobs entry carres 42444 pts and in 3rd its team yahve & olivierio and araujo on 42295.

So there it s after twenty races covering the past three months when the first training was held with 2612 pigeon entered 904 pigeons made the entry list in the semi final and from such numbers 491 have been recorded at present and are guarenteed to go forward in the next week to the final race from fuertaventura with a flying distance of 275 to 300 klm and the honour of winning the 1st prize of 50,000 euro

Team soepboer current leaders in the ace pigeon award
Team soepboer current leaders in the ace pigeon award

so its finals week and many fanciers, from al corners of the globe will be heading to the island, to take in the atmosphere and enjoyment of the arona one loft race, all this gets underway on wednesday morning from 9am when once again, all are welcome to the lofts to witness the open basketing proceedure, and have the opertunity of handling their remaining pigeons, before they head off that evening, this is followed by the ledesma family hosting the traditional welcome evening on 17th Mar based on the fact that the race is going ahead as planned at a top Canary Restaurant

Departure from the HOTEL at 19:00. (30 euro Ticket with Transportation from the Hotel Mare Nostrum to the Restaurant Included) time:20:00

Friday 18th march if the weather allows

Birds will be liberated from a distance of 275 to 300 km (500 Km stress equivalent over Land) from the island of fuertaventura and once again the hospetality is there to join in with Lunch at the Loft. And Enjoy the day with local fanciers with free food and drink, available.

And finally the annual event comes to a close o sat 19th march with the celebration and award ceremony to this years winners.

Awards/Party Dinner at Hotel Mare Nostrum Resort (Arona-Pyramid) Time: 19:30


Tickets for the welcome evening and presentation night can be purchased at the loft during the week or in advance via email to the arona team. for further details visit the web site at

For those who a unable to be present at the lofts during the week all the activities will once again be streamed liv throughout the basketing and race day ensuring total transparency and enjoyment.

So with bags packed were on our way… See you there!

Tom Harris