Team Highfield Lofts, England

1st International Derby Arona Semifinal Race 2022

With three previous adventures across the Atlantic already completed,the team prepared for the final journey prior to staging this year final race on Sat 26th March,with 397 pigeons basketed and on route to the north of Tenerife for the midafternoon crossing to the neighboring island of Gran Canaria, the journey was completed once back on land by a short journey to the liberation site situated to the north eastern of the island a distance of 135 klm back to the Arona lofts which consisted of approx 75 klm of water, upon arrival the birds were watered and left to settle overnight ready for the liberation the following morning.


Team Highfield Lofts, England 1st Interntional Semifinal with pigeon “Cathy”

Liberation day and with day light breaking over the Canary Islands around 6:30 am,the sky clearly showed a low mist lingering above the liberation site,however as the time went on Abel was happy and confident to get the birds away at 08:00 into a light north easterly wind.

Back at the loft and as preparations were underway to welcome the birds home the team were joined by a few fanciers who had travelled to Tenerife for the Final Race week, it was then that Jose informed everyone on the livestream that some thirty minutes after the liberation an number of pigeons were still lingering around the Gran Canaria coastline looking for a line of flight back towards Tenerife,this was met with a little concern as after coming through so much in regards to training this series everyone was hopeful that the birds would soon appear.

Pigeon “Fausto” for Team Daniel Weichtmann from Germany 2nd International

Taking top honors of 1st England 1st International Semifinal and winning the 6000 euro prize and winner trophy we see new participants Highfield Lofts, pigeon “Cathy” timing in at,in the runner up position we have Team Daniel Weichtmann with pigeon “Fausto”receiving the runner up trophy and 1.000 euro for its effort with a time of,team Slovakia claims the 3rd position and Final Race trophy along 750 euro as Team Torysa and pigeon “EuropeX” registering its arrival on,with the first three arrivals in the clock there was a few minutes on anticipation before the next arrivals were seen approaching and as such taking 4th and the prize of 220 euro for pigeons from 4th to 10th we have a second arrival for team Germany as pigeon “Mistro” for Team Hendrik Wilpers times in on, Dawid Litwicki from Poland takes 5th International with pigeon “Lucia X” on, Team Shropshire Syndicate from England previous Hotspot Race winners in 2021 take 6th place as they seen their entry “Shropshire 74”sowing through on,for 7th Interntional we return to Slovakia with Team Evin Peter&Noemi,with their entry “S 504” on, a third arrival for team England sees Team Cherrystone and their 3rd party activated pigeon “Cosmic Flower” coming in for 8th with a time of,just piping pigeon “Cayen” by a decimal for Team Hasan Ozatila from Turkey into 9th rounding off today’s Top Ten positions we have the first Belgium arrival for Team Diamond Ladies with pigeon “Dingske” on

Team Torysa and pigeon “EuropeX”, Slovakia 3rd International Semifinal

As with all Hotspot races in Arona the prizemonies continue to 20th position there for the following ten arrivals also put claim to the prize pot as each receive a 100 euro share as follows in 11th Team Dirk &Klaas Buwalda from The Netherlands with pigeon “OscarY” on,in 12th we see second arrivals for Team Hasan Ozatila from Turkey has his entry “Maria” times in on, Team Quix Jos Super from Belgium claims the 13th Spot with pigeon “Aimée” on, narrowly ahead of Roger Mertens entry “Jenny” also from Belgium in 14th on,taking 15th from The Netherlands we have Team Duivenvrienden and pigeons “Pucky” on the clock on, Team Henriksen from Denmark claimed the 16th place as pigeon named “Happy” timed in on, taking 17th with pigeon “Rosalita” we have Team Jef Cuypers on, 18th Team Visser &Middlekoop with their entry “Spooky” on 09.5612.50,in 19th we have Team Creemers&Zoon from Belgium with pigeon “Trikkie” on the clock on and finally taking the Final share of the prize money we go across the Atlantic to the USA as Team Madison takes the 20th Spot with their pigeon “De Rauw Flier” on

With the three leading birds which clearly got an early line for home and the first batch safely in the clock,it then became a waiting game as many fanciers watch in hope to see the safe return of their entries and therefore candidates for the forthcoming Final Race and with three previous flights across the Atlantic already overcome hopes were high that more would come through,but disappointingly as the day went on the returns became more spread out and as night fell just 185 of the entries had returned,maybe it was the conditions on liberation or some other factor who knows,but with another 13 arrivals on day 2 and more during the following days the final count for this year’s final race stood at 216 pigeons.

With all the Hotspot Races completed and the Averages dramatically changing due to the losses incurred in the Semifinal this meant it was all to fly for in the Final Race.


With that in mind as we all make our way to Tenerife for this year’s final the first in three years due to travel restrictions,the Derby Arona Team and Ledesma family were preparing to welcome everyone to the sunny island of Tenerife for the forthcoming Final Race week starting with live basketing,the welcome evening, the race itself and the prestigiousGala Night in the week that followed.

A full report on these events will follow shortly as we crown the 2022 Derby Arona champion.