Report: Hotspot Race 2


Team Sint & Carlsbad, Belgium

1st International

Derby Arona Hotspot Race 2

Things are moving along swiftly on the island of Tenerife now that were reached the prize money stages, as we prepare for the next outing with a return journey to the neighboring island of Gran Canaria for the latest Hotspot 2 Race from the north eastern regions a distance of approx. 125klm.

With 532 pigeons that had successfully overcome the two previous encounters of Atlantic Ocean crossings,the Arona team reported back to participant’s that the birds had another uneventful but well documented journey across to the liberation site with the team reporting the convoys arrival by late afternoonand with a fresh supply of water offered the convoy were left to rest overnight in anticipation of an early liberation the following morning.

Liberation day and with the sun beginning to rise indicating a nice clear day and a moderate 22klm north easterly wind, able as loft manager and the convoy was happy to get them away nice and early at 08.10 during the cooler hours of the day.

Team Sint & Carlsbad, Begium 1st International Hotspot Race 2

As on all races in Arona the team provide live updates of the liberation and of course the home end and trapping areaand as such many fanciers by which time logged in to see the returns as they came.

Following a flying time of just over 1 hour 20 min we witnessed the arrival of the first batch and upon trapping we have taking top honors of 1st International Derby Arona Hotspot Race 2 team Belgium with the syndicate of Sint &Carlsbad Friends as they see their entry “Amigo 3” crossing the line with a time of 09.29.27and duly claims today’s top prize of 6.000 euro and winner’s trophy,in a close 2nd International,position netting the 1.000 euro and runner up trophy we see Team Will Curtis representing England with one of his team that are starting to come to the front lately on this occasion pigeon “Usain” timed in on,we remain in the UK for 3rd International with Team Jack Army from Wales with pigeon ”Stained Line” timing in on 09.2927.95 netting the syn a rewarding 750 euro a third place trophy along with a nice slice of the pool money to round their day off in style, for 4th International and the first share of 220 euro awarded for positions 4th to 10th we go to The Netherlands and Team Sybesma &Vlaskamp with pigeon “Loes 2” timing in on,just ahead of one of their fellow countryman Team Bas Weijers with their entry “Bruja” which takes the 5th Spot on, Team Arandas Loft from the USA timed in their pigeon “Tapper” on a time of for 6th position,team England record their second pigeon for 7th International this time for the syndicate of Tinks Treasures as they see pigeon “Rosie” in the clock on, Team Visser &Toom from The Netherlands take the 8th International position as they see their pigeon “Clyde” timing in on, Team Do Drop In Loft from the USA record pigeon “Beauty” for the second USA pigeon and 9th International with a time of leaving team Germany with the final 220 prize and 10th International with Team Kemper Pigeons and pigeon “Kaeie” on

Team Will Curtis 1st England 1st UK 2nd International Derby Arona Hotspot Race 2

With such a close finish for the leading pigeons as always in Arona the prizes don’t stop at the leading birds as positions 11 to 20th also take a share with 100 euro being credited to the following teams in 11th from Belgium we see Team Red Devils Racing syn with pigeon “Amigo Two”, 12th team England with Keith Warnes &Kevin Crotch and pigeon “Blaze Away”,13th Krajcik Daniel &Andrea from Slovakia with pigeon “ADK 77”,14th its a second arrival for Team Will Curtis from England with pigeon “Peaty”, for 15th its Team Miro Zabka for Slovakia with pigeon “MZ 61”,team Poland and Tomasz Wiczling take 16th with pigeon “Brawny” dividing the Slovakian entries as Team BCHB claim 17th with pigeon “BCHB 110”,which was closely followed in by two pigeons for The Netherlands take the 18th and 19th positions with Team Dirk &Klaas Buwalda with pigeon  “Voltaire” just ahead of Team Martin Jacobs with pigeon “Svip”,rounding off todays prizes with Team Neirynick &Pere et fils and pigeon “Rambo II” from Belgium in 20th

Team Jack Army,Wales 3rd International Hotspot Race 2

With this being the third time of asking flying from Gran Canaria we expected the returns to be a little more consistent each time of asking but as always in the canaries flying from island to island over wide open waters we must expect the unexpected and today was one of those days with the early birds making good time and coming over unscathed however the later arrivals appeared to be more drawn out and a steady flow of pigeons were to be seen coming over and at nightfall 374 from the 523 liberated were perched.

Team Sybesma & Vlaskamp, Netherlands 4th International Hotspot 2

Day 2 and we thought the day would open up with a flurry of returns as we hoped the pigeons missing from the day before would correct themselves and return but once again it was a slow but steady flow of returnees as the result ticked over a forth seventeen pigeons had come,with a few more in the days that followed on day five two more pigeons had encountered a few nights away these brought the numbers up to 397 with a percentage of 74.62 %

Team Bas Weijers,Netherlands 5th International Hotspot Race 2

With the Final Race now on everyone’s minds and the thoughts of heading to the sunny island of Tenerife for the Final Race from Fuerteventura there was still the Semifinal Race to encounter,this we acknowledge is delayed at present as a storm approaches from the east bringing high winds at times gusting,hence the delay a situation the team will monitor and stage when they are confident of the best weather available to stage.

Team Arandas Loft from the USA 6th International Hotspot Race 2

With the Hotspot 2 Race covered there’s also the two averages running behind the scene the first being the King of Sprint for this we see a local Tenerife participant, Team Agache holding the leading position with pigeon “Agache” on 51.081pts followed by two Dutch competitors as in 2nd we have Team De Duivenvrienden with pigeon “Dogwood” on 49.863pts and Team Dirk &Klaas Buwalda in 3rd with pigeon “Klass” on 49.325pts

Pigeon “Agache” current leaders of the King of Sprint Averages

Also up and running is the King of The Atlantic an average based on the amount of times flying over the Atlantic and with three adventures completed in pole position we have Team Viglidan Péter &Monika from Hungary with pigeon “Storm Cloud” on 29.675 in the runner up we see pigeon “Dogwood” for Team De Duivenvrienden fighting in all competitions for The Netherlands team with 29.490pts and in 3rd from Slovakia its pigeon “ADK 77” for Team Krajcik Daniel & Andrea 29.460pts

Team Viglidan Péter &Monika from Hungary with pigeon “Storm Cloud” current leader of the King of Atlantic Averages

With just one more race before the final the team are currently working hard to ensure the week’s schedule is all planned and confirmed prior to welcoming the many fanciers from all countries and continents descend on the island of Tenerife for the Final Race.

The Ledesma family & Derby Arona team await your arrival on the island of Tenerife

All gets underway with basketing on 24th March at the loft,the Welcome evening on Friday 25th the Race on Sat 26th and rounding off another year in Arona with the prestigious Gala Evening on Sunday 27th. Tickets for the Welcome night and Gala are available to book in advance via email to the Arona Team at >